Behind The Scenes...

Ever wonder who's behind all those cool animations, sexy voices, or great songs?
  Wanna know more how Boys Be... came about, its origin and how it all started? Well you came to the right place!
  Here you will find information about the beginnings and the actual emergence of Boys Be, its author, seiyuus
  and singer of the OP and ED songs and ofcourse not forgetting information on where to buy Boys
  Be... related goods. So go ahead and have a peek Behind The Scenes of Boys Be... The Behind The Scenes
  section has a consistent background color of Blue which represents Summer. I know, I know. Summer is supposed

to be red or yellow or orange or something, but if you watch the Boys Be series,
  you'll understand why its blue. So what are you waiting for? Watch it now so you'll
  know what I'm talking about. Anyway, I got the text colored yellow so no problem.
  Explanation of this (and lots more...) can be found on My Analogy under the My Stuff
category of my website...

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