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Saihi's Empress

Screen Name: Saihi's Empress ( Hotohori's Empress, Saihitei Seishuku's Empress, Anything-With-Hotohori's-Name-In-It Empress ^_^ )

In the case of Boys Be..., I sometimes use 'Kyoichi's Gal' as a screen name

Real Name: KC

Age: 19

Birthday: May 14

Physical Description: Hmmm, well let's see... Ur right in assuming that the pic in the left is that of Houki, but I edited the pic to kinda' look like me.... Hehehe...  ~_^ I didn't change much though. I just colored the hair a little different since Houki's real hair color is purple. Mind you, I have considered having my hair colored purple or lavender a number of times before, but I know my parents would freak so I changed my mind...

Eyes: Dark Brown (Green if I'm wearing my colored contacts, same as that of the pic)

Hair: Dark Brown with Blond Highlights. Kinda' Exactly like the pic to the left.

Boys Be... Info: Lemme' see... I fell in love with Boys Be... at first sight. I was fortunate enough to have watched its first episode when it premiered on AXN last March of 2001. Since then, I've gone loco for Boys Be..., and if you've seen the series, who could blame me right? ~_^

Favorite Boys Be... Episode: I'd have to say my fave eps. are # 1 and # 13, although I really like # 8,
# 10 and # 12 too... Oh heck, I like them all!!! ^_^

Favorite Boys Be... Male: Kyoichi Kanzaki

I guess I like Yokota Takuya too...

Favorite Boys Be... Female: Blond Chiharu

I'm very fond of Sayama as well...

Favorite Boys Be... Couple: Hmmm... I dunno if you can consider these two a couple, but anyway I like Kyoichi and Blond Chiharu together. Although I liked the Sayama-Kyoichi team-up as well...

Favorite Boys Be... Proverb: Actually, I like them all... They're all extremely remarkable. But if I had to really choose one, I'd say it would be  the proverb for ep. 10

Favorite Boys Be... Quote: "Let's watch porn!!!" ~Makoto


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