Seasons Of Boys Be...

TV Series: The Story

TV Series:  The Story

"Boys Be... is the story of 6 teenagers finding about life and love..."

Boys Be... is one of the few realistic animes out there. It features the life of pubescent teens coping with the motions and complications of growing up. We are given an insight to teenagers' feelings and way of thinking, and it attempts to explain the emotions and thoughts flowing through the entire concept of being an adolescent.

Rather than relying on sci-fi or paranormal events, Boys Be... attempts to depict realities that is going on everyday in our lives. It does not only focus on love but all human emotions such as loneliness, emptiness, despair, happiness and sadness. Every possible thing a teenager may go through is featured in the anime, and it shows how much the feelings of each and every character has changed and how his/her personality develops into something more desirable and mature as the series progresses.

Although Boys Be... has six main characters, and each given his/her own share of the limelight, the anime focuses more on the story of the two lead characters, Kyoichi and Chiharu---two childhood friends who came to realize their feelings for one another. Still, even if the anime seems to be focusing more on the relationship of these two, the gravity of the emotions, situations, explanations and significant events, borders more on Kyoichi than any of the other characters...

The story begins when Kyoichi, a 16-yr. old high school student, realizes that his feelings for his childhood friend, Chiharu, has rapidly changed into something more than just friendship. He struggles with his feelings throughout the entire series and encounters several twists and turns along the way, but not without picking up a few lessons and learning more out of life than he ever thought possible.

By the end of the TV series, all the characters have grown into better, more mature, and responsible people, who have become wiser individuals due to the experiences, may it be good or bad, that they have shared. In the end, they were all able to emerge as victors, being able to evolve into personalities and characters which depicts the very essence of maturity and propriety...

I believe I once compared this anime to the TV drama series, Dawson's Creek, except the characters and storyline is more complex and there are far less clichés. The level of maturity of this anime is extremely high and the author does not attempt to explain everything. Rather, some of it, he leaves to the audience to ponder and think over for themselves. There are a lot of scenes wherein you have to "read between the lines" and most of the time, you have to try and think of yourself in that same situation in order for you to be able to comprehend the meaning behind it all...

To put it in perspective, this anime is neither pretentious nor idealistic. It just simply tries to mirror the truth underneath the realities of life...

***For more info, background and personal insights about Boys Be..., its storyline, concept and how it came about (plus a whole lot more other info), please check out the Behind the Scenes section of this site. You can also check out My Analogy and the Raves and Rants section for additional material as well.***

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