News and Updates:

April 02, 2002:

Before anything else, I'd like to thank each and every one of you who have been patronizing my site for the past couple of months now. Without your continued support and encouragement, I wouldn't feel inspired enough to keep on going with this site.

For those of you who don't know, my counter account was only activated last March 14th of 2002, and already I have received over 800 hits in less than three weeks! That is more than I can ever hope for and I have all of you to thank for it. Without your constant patronage, who knows where this site would have ended up?

Let me tell all of you that I almost gave up on this site a couple of months ago, way back before I started working on the new layout. But I noticed that there were still an awful lot of people frequenting the site despite the apparent lack of updates, and I realized that I owe it to you, the fans, to give something back in return, and hence, became my foremost motivation to rebuild and update the site.

Well, enough with the sentimentalities and all these mushy gushies. Let's get down to business!

Sorry it took a while for me to update, but it took me several days to upload the files because Tripod kept spitting it out whenever I'm in the 90+% of uploading them already, then I have to start over again, which reminds me to reiterate my earlier stand about ASKING PERMISSION FIRST before you take anything, and I mean ANYTHING from this site.

So what might be in my bag of tricks this update? Well, the Episode 2 screen captures are up, and there are a total of 401 pics captured. Plus, I added 2 more images for episode 1 that I forgot to place the first time around. Check them all out here!

I have also uploaded several video clips, amongst which are the end scenes. I highly recommend for the AXN viewers to view this clips, as they were not aired by AXN. These "end scenes" I'm talking about are similar to the final end scene wherein Kyoichi comes back from Hokkaido and he and Chiharu meet. As some of you might know, AXN did not air this part the first time it ran Boys Be, but thankfully decided to run it when it re-aired Boys Be a few weeks after it first premiered. Most of you will recall that this scene is very vital to the series, and I think the same of the other end scenes that were cut off. Well, no need to worry, because you can now view all of them here!

A much larger and better quality of the official MTV has also been uploaded. Check it out it now!

The wallpaper is still up, and if you all have any wallpapers you'd like to submit, feel free to do so. Full credit will of course go to you.

I also fixed the links for the Manga and Game Section. Thanks to the person who emailed me, informing me of the broken links to this segment. ^^

The fan stuff section finally has something in them. I put in fan-proverbs which have been written by the people from the BB Mailing List. If any of you have something---anything at all you'd like contribute go ahead and mail it to me.

English translation of My Tomorrow is also up, plus additional romanized lyrics of the other songs, which I forgot to relocate when I first transferred my v1 site contents into this new version.

I just typed up the Ep 5 script recently and is now available. I'll have the Eps. 6, 7 and 13 scripts uploaded soon, as I have just typed them down also.

I actually wasn't planning on making the Ep 7 summary, but I was sent an email a couple of months ago, presenting very persuasive arguments as to why I should consider making one for it. Needless to say, I was impressed! And so here it is! Ep 7 along with Ep 9 episode summaries!

The subtitled version of the official Trailer for episode 3 is also now online.

The News and Updates section link has been fixed so you can check out all the old news and updates you might have missed prior to the one posted here.

I've been receiving a lot of mails lately so I'm thinking of typing up the FAQ soon as I usually send my replies in late to those who mail me. Special thanks, by the way, goes to everyone who gave me their comments and suggestions regarding the site through email.

I'd also like to take this time to thank everyone who signed my guestbook and voted in the polls. I kinda' noticed that no one left a comment in the polls. In the future, I hope voters will leave their comments so I know what to improve, change, or keep. Those who already voted can just mail me their comments instead. As for the people who signed my guestbook, a lot of you didn't leave your emails, and it would be nice if you did, because now, I'm currently sending in email to everyone I have the email addy of, so they can automatically receive updates whenever this site is updated.

I have noticed as well that I have exceeded my bandwidth a couple number of times these past few days, and after being initially excited naturally by this occurrence, I realized thereafter that it will not be exactly good for the surfers who are trying to visit the site, as exceeding the allotted bandwidth means that the site will become unavailable for 2 hours. This prompted me to try and find a way to remedy this situation and came up with several alternatives so as to not exceed my bandwidth. I want to give the best service I possibly can give to you all, and if you have any suggestions as how I can better my services, please feel free to send me mail with your comments, suggestions or what have you.

Just a few more weeks, 'til the site anniversary, and I'm planning something really big! You all watch out for it this coming May 1!

There have been people contacting me about putting up their links. Sorry I wasn't able to work on my links page yet, but I'll be working on it next and I'd just like to give reassurance to those who gave me their links, that I will be posting them as soon as I can. To everyone who'd like for me to link to them, please do send me your links through my email before April 8, as I'm going to work on my links page this weekend.

Btw, my email service provider Edsamail, will no longer be free starting April 20, so I might be changing my email soon. I'm currently contemplating paying the fee they are asking from us, but I have to think it over first. I'll keep you all informed of this if ever I change my addy.

Do you all know what today is? That's right! It's my Hori-sama's birthday! So sing him a b-day song coz he's mostly the reason why this site has been updated this week. ^^

Gotta go! 'Til next time!  :p

SPECIAL BULLETIN!!! - April 06, 2002:

I just received the Daijobu Piano Scores sent by my friend, Yugi, a couple of days ago. He even included a guitar chord sheet to go with it! I'd like to give him my thanks for sending it in. As for the rest of you, you can all check out the Daijobu Sheet Music here!

A very important announcement. Tripod has just emailed me regarding some changes in their free hosting. It turns out that on April 30 onwards, sites with more than 20 mb stored in 'em will have to either pay for extra disk space, or delete files so that the space they consume will be under 20 mb. This means that I have to relocate a lot of my files to a new server so I regret to inform all of you that this site will not be updated until I have transferred all the files to some place else and fixed everything up.

Btw, someone emailed me asking if I was still planning to put up mp3s. The answer would be "not in the near future". One of my Tripod accounts got deleted recently as I tried to upload mp3s. I really wouldn't want to take anymore chances and have any more of my accounts deleted, so until I find a good place to store the mp3s without any hitches, there will be no mp3s served in this site. Anyway, there are FULL sample music available. Note that these are full uncut versions of the songs, but only compressed to smaller file sizes. You can listen to all of 'em here.

Well, I gotta jet for now, but rest-assured I will be back for more updates and news about my upcoming gimmick for the site anniversary! Well, until I have relocated all my files somewhere else, that is!  :p