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What better thing to accompany that Mp3 you just downloaded, or that CD you just bought either off the web, or off the racks of your fave record bar, than the lyrics of all those cool songs you've been hearing off your player, and now can conveniently sing along to? Ofcourse, you get not only the romanized version of the lyrics, but the translation of the song in English as well, to help you get in the mood of the song even more! So, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

It's All Right
-- Opening song, Vocal by Maeda Aki --
-- Written by, Hiromi Mori --
-- Composition, Masatomo --
-- Arrangement, Toru Shigemi --
-- English Translation --

Why For some reason you look sad
Voice, my voice I hope that it will reach you

If it's about things don't go the way I want them to
There are a lot of them, but...

Tomorrow a different wind will blow
And we'll feel it in our hearts with hands wide open
Though things beat down on us, though they may torture us
We'll be all right

Fine Every time you get rid of your worries,
Heart, your heart, will get stronger.

The vastness of the sky, and the strength of the sunlight
Don't you feel them deep in your heart?

Although you may feel tears start to well up, don't give up
Believe in the power of a smile
Open the door of light, don't be afraid
I'm sure, I'm sure we'll be all right


***From AnimeLyrics contributed by Takayama Miyuki***


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