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What better thing to accompany that Mp3 you just downloaded, or that CD you just bought either off the web, or off the racks of your fave record bar, than the lyrics of all those cool songs you've been hearing off your player, and now can conveniently sing along to? Ofcourse, you get not only the romanized version of the lyrics, but the translation of the song in English as well, to help you get in the mood of the song even more! So, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

All So Wonderful
-- Ending song, Vocal by Maeda Aki --
-- Written by, Hiromi Mori --
-- Composition, Miki Watanabe --
-- Arrangement, Ryo Yoshimata --
-- English Translation --

For no particular reason, I'm happy just being with you
Somehow we can communicate, everyone 

Laying on a river bed, stretching my arms and legs
Birds flew in the sky above our heads

Suddenly looking up to the sky today,
it seems to go on forever
No matter how depressing something is,
it seems small in comparison

For no particular reason, I just hum a song I like
Such times are the best, it feels so wonderful

Dusk comes, and we go back through the baseball field
riding our bicycles, chasing the red clouds

The wind puffs up my shirt;
it's just like in a dream
There's so much I want to talk about...
We'll meet again tomorrow, right?

Will such a day like today come to an end someday?
Though I wish these fun days would continue on forever


***From AnimeLyrics contributed by Takayama Miyuki***


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