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What better thing to accompany that Mp3 you just downloaded, or that CD you just bought either off the web, or off the racks of your fave record bar, than the lyrics of all those cool songs you've been hearing off your player, and now can conveniently sing along to? Ofcourse, you get not only the romanized version of the lyrics, but the translation of the song in English as well, to help you get in the mood of the song even more! So, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

My Tomorrow
-- Episode 8 Ending Song, Vocal by Yuka Imai --
-- English Translation --

An easy breeze
Is passing quietly
What should I be
Please tell me
If I reach out
We should be able to grasp
But both of us are not about to give in
And hence we turn our backs on each other
I want to be frank with myself
I want to correct myself
I want to look strong looking at myself in the mirror
But my heart keeps going on and on...
And running hastily to a far away place
Just once is enough, for a purpose.
I want to try very very hard, no matter the costs.
I don't need an answer
I know it's all for my tomorrow.


***Transcribed by Saihi's Empress***


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