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One of the things I appreciate the most about animes that can never be in a manga, are the awesome music that we can often hear blaring from our speakers. Not only are there some very cool songs sang by the best artists, but the background music that is constantly playing while we watch our favorite scenes are quite outstanding as well. I think its quite safe to say, that the Music we hear in Boys Be... is undisputably one of the best out there.

Special Notice: If any of you decide to use any of the files located herein, it would be courteous at least if you would first ask permission before you do anything with it.


1. Daijobu (Opening Song TV Version)
Contributed by: Yugi
Piano Score : [ Page 1 ]  [ Page 2 ]  [ Page 3 ]  [ Page 4 ]
Guitar Chords : [ HTML ]  [ Text Version ]

2. Minna Ga Iine (Ending Song TV Version)
Contributed by: Yugi
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