TV Series:  Proverbs


The opening proverbs are like an insight into the occurances, and the lesson that has been learned due to the experience incurred on the following episode. As Kyoichi is the one who narrates the proverbs, it mostly represents the lessons that he has learned, and the wisdom he was able to acquire as a result of all the events he undertook.

Episode 1 : Chapter : Spring "Cherry Blossoms"

Cherry Blossoms, the noble flower, watched many encounters over time. Cherry Blossoms, the vain flower, have watched many farewells. And again, this year, the flower open its buds in order to watch over a lot of faint but painful feelings in the season of beginnings called spring...


Episode 2 : Chapter : Spring "Memorial Essence"

Nice memories have their own scent. Whenever you're veiled in the scent, your heart can always go back to the unforgettable past together with your own scenery that will never fade...


Episode 3 : Chapter: Spring "After Kiss"

There are many books in the library. Each book has a wonderful story that will never happen in reality. But as you fall in love, reality becomes a wonderful story better than any novel...


Episode 4 : Chapter : Early Summer "Bitter Sweet Rain"

Nobody can stop the flow of time, but a moment captured in the frame of the heart will never disappear. That will be shown at the bottom of their hearts will always give off a great feeling... sweet... and bitter... 


Episode 5 : Chapter : Summer "Feeling Blue"

The color blue has a calming effect on people. All the daily stress and troubles are absorbed by the blue. Awakening honest souls which have no lies. Summer... Summer... is the season that is colored by blue...


Episode 6 : Chapter : Summer "Baseball Lovers"

Not many people know when love starts. More than a friend, but not quite lovers. A delicate relationship like this changes gradually as time passes... Just like a changing seasons...


Episode 7 : Chapter : Summer "Wind Bell"

Summer days blow through fiercely with the buried feeling that something is going to happen over a summer storm. Soon, the season will change... 


Episode 8 : Chapter : Autumn "Swallow"

With summer's raucous noises, a simple dream seen in spring has turned into a small heartbreak. The melancholy autumn wind speaks quietly of its meaning... Your hearts true self...


Episode 9 : Chapter : Autumn "Leaves" ; "Shiawase no Category"

It is said that the reason why leaves fall from the branch is to allow new leaves to take their places. No matter how sad the fallen leaves look, there will always be new sprouts in spring. Perhaps, emptiness in the heart is something similar to that...


Episode 10 : Chapter : Autumn "Solitary Cross" ; "Nemurenai yoru wo daite"

All sound has died out... The cold, dark night gradually fills the room. Unable to get sleep, holding on to the covers... Suddenly, that's when it strikes. As if my chest was being squeezed. Feeling like I want to cry. A painful, uneasy feeling... Yes... From the depths of my soul, a thing called "loneliness" is coming...


Episode 11 : Chapter : Autumn "First Snow Fall"

Snow covers everything in white. It covers the sadness, softly.. If there is hapiness, it decorates it beautifully.. the snow continues to fall...


Episode 12 : Chapter : Winter "End To Beginning"

An ending will come to everything in this world. It may be fate that one can never avoid...


Episode 13 : Chapter : Next Season "Let It Be"

There's nothing that won't change There's nothing that won't end It's hard to admit, but that's reality. One season ends, and a new one begins...

~Chiharu (Blond)

The proverbs found herein are all taken from AXN. There are non-AXN translated proverbs in existence, but I find the AXN translations to be more esthetically pleasing above all the others.