TV Series:  Scripts

The scripts found herein were transcribed from the subtitled version of Boys Be... anime that was aired  in AXN. I have vids with subtitles of another nature, but I find the AXN's translation to be the most gratifying, so I prefer to have made the scripts after 'em.

Episode No.: 05
Episode Name: Feeling Blue
Transcribed from: Subtitled Version of Anime Aired by AXN

Kyoichi = Kyoichi Kanzaki
Makoto = Makoto Kurumizawa
Kenjo = Yoshihiko Kenjo
Chiharu = Chiharu Nitta
Yumi = Yumi Kazama
Aki = Aki Mizutani
Nao = Nao Nitta
Daisuke = Daisuke Nitta
POV = Point of View


Crowd 1: Come on!
Crowd 2: You can do it!

Kyoichi: *Voice Over: Opening Proverb*
The color blue has a calming effect on people. All the daily stress and troubles… are absorbed… by the blue… Awakening honest souls which have no lies.

Makoto: Hey there sweeties, come on in and enjoy our coffee!
Girls: Does it taste good?
Makoto: Of course! Come in, come in!

Kyoichi: *Voice Over: Opening Proverb Continuation*
Summer… Summer… is the season… That is colored by blue.

*Opening Credits* Cue Daijobu Song


Scene 1:

Makoto: Oh! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Look Kyoichi! It's the ocean!
As bold as a sunflower! As powerful as a beetle! And… As lively as a watermelon. The summer's love burns red hot! It brings out the fun lover in me!

*Flashback* (Kyoichi's POV)
Kyoichi: Why can't you come with us?
Chiharu: I told you, I've got a meet soon. I need to practice.
Kyoichi: A little break won't do any harm. You've got nothing to worry about!
Chiharu: Nothing to worry about? How could say that? Do you know how hard it is to catch up after taking breaks!? I'm in the home stretch now. It's the most critical time for me. I thought you knew that much at least!
*End of flashback*

Scene 2:

Makoto: Excuse me! Excuse me. Hello! Anyone home!?
Nao: Yes! Hello.
Makoto: Oh my, a beauty,
Kyoichi: Hello… Oh, are you…
Nao: You must be Kyoichi. We've been waiting for you. Thank you for coming all this way.
Kyoichi: It was no problem.
Makoto: Kyoichi, who is this, who?
Kyoichi: This is Miss Nao, Chiharu's cousin.
Makoto: You mean the barbarian's cousin?
Nao: Barbarian?

Scene 3:

Nao: Sorry, there's no time to settle in.
Makoto: Don't be ridiculous! We didn't come here to have fun.
We're here to work! So we'll get to our work long before we're settled in!
Kyoichi: How forward of you.
Makoto: Hey it's summer! Right Nao?
This promises to be wonderful work!
Who is this, who, who!?
Daisuke: You're dead meat!
Nao: Brother! Please stop it!
Kyoichi: Brother!?

Scene 4:

Daisuke: Listen well, this is my store. If you're to work here, you must do exactly as I tell you! I won't go easy on you just becayse you're Chiharu's friends.
Kyoichi: We'll give you our best!
Makoto: It still hurts, can't this redneck contril his temper?
Daisuke: Did you say something?
Makoto: No, we're happy to give everything we've got to serve you! Brother!
Daisuke: Brother?
Makoto: Excuse me, Boss!
Nao: I'll be off, brother.
Daisuke: Sure, thanks a lot. The sun is strong so be careful.
Nao: Have a nice day.
Makoto: Man, she's cute…
cute fish everywhere. Please send me back to Tokyo now… Boss.

Scene 5:

Sports Commentator: And it's in! It's a home run! Unbelievable! A home run with the bases loaded! Otowa-No-Mori West Hight did it! A great come-from-behind victiory!
Kenjo: I wish I could have gone to the sea. It's so hot…

Scene 6:
Beach girl1: Thanks a lot!
Beach volleyball girl1: Here!

Daisuke: There!
Hey! Get the boat out!

Makoto: Kyoichi! The sky is so blue.
KyoichI: huh?
Makoto: The sun is high and the sea is big.
Kyoichi: What are you talking about?
Makoto: You can make up with her. Don't worry. Just think about right now!
Kyoichi: Makoto…

Girl1: This way!
Girl2: Hurry!
Makoto: Coming!
Makoto: Now watch out for the waves. Keep the boat vertical to the waves. Never set the boat horizontal to them! If you do…
Kyoichi: Hey! Uh? No way!
Makoto, darn you!
Makoto: You'll end up like that if you're not careful!
Kyoichi: Sheesh.

Kyoichi: Don't worry huh?
Makoto: You're finally smiling.

Daisuke: How long does it take to carry that boat!
Makoto and Kyoichi: Sorry. Boss!

Scene 7:

Trainer: Ready!
Chiharu: It's so blue…

Scene 8:

Makoto: Get your cold drinks here!
Makoto: It's so heavy… I'm gonna die…
Kyoichi: It'll get lighter as we sell more!
Makoto: We may as well drink them all.
Kyoichi: Hey, hey!
Makoto: Then let's throw them away.
Kyoichi: Stop that!
Makoto: All right, we'll keep selling. Is that fine with you!?
Makoto: Hey there, wanna buy some drinks?
Kyoichi: That's enthusiasm.
Makoto: Cold drinks!? If you buy drinks, I'll put lotion on you for free!
Kyoichi: You call that customer service!?
Aki: Is that right, maybe I will.
Kyoichi: Serious!?
Makoto: It's a deal!
Where shall I start? Arms, legs, or back?
I know! I'll use my body to put it on rather than my hands!
Aki: Idiot!
Yumi: Pervert! Maniac! The shame of West High.
Kyoichi and Makoto: Aki! Yumi!

Scene 9:

Aki: That was delicious. Thanks a lot.
Makoto: Of course it is, it's free.
Aki: It's the price of secrecy! Rest assured, Kyoichi. Chiharu won't be hearing abhout this.
Kyoichi: I didn't do anything.
Makoto: In either case…
Yumi: Why are we here? It's summer, why can't we come to the sea.
Makoto: Not that, Yumi.
Yumi: Me?
Makoto: What is with the bathing suit?
Yumi: I'm an otter!
Makoto: I can see that!
Yumi: And this…
…Is the tail!
Kyoichi: Incredible taste she has.
Makoto: Yeah.
Aki: She's always like this. You didn't know?
Daisuke: You dimwits! Where the heck did you go off to! Get back this minute!
Kyoichi and Makoto: Coming, Boss!

Scene 10:

Makoto: I'm exhausted today.
Kyoichi: But isn't this great! To have an outdoor spa right in your backyard.
What is it?
Makoto: She's there. I know she's there!
Kyoichi: What are you doing…?
Makoto: Yes!
Kyoichi: Can you see?
Makoto: Only a silhouette.
Kyoichi: Don't be a fool! Makoto, stop! What if the boss fins out!?
Makoto: What if he doesn't!
Kyoichi: Makoto!
Makoto: No one can stop me now.
Kyoichi: What are you talking about?!
Makoto: just a little more… Got it!
Kyoichi: Makoto!
Makoto: A girl!
Daisuke: What's the…?
Makoto: I'm burned out.

Scene 11:

Makoto: I'm exhausted.
Kyoichi: Me too…
Makoto: How did we end up helping him again?
Kyoichi: That my line.
Makoto: Let's go Kyoichi! Summer love is burning non-stop!
Kyoichi: You just never learn.
Makoto: Wow, what lovely fireworks.

Scene 12:

Kyoichi: So you stay here at half price?
Aki: Tahnks to Chiharu. Otherwise we coldn't come here 2 years straight.
Kyoichi: So you were here last year too.
Yumi: It's so sad.
Kyoichi: Huh?
Aki: Nao is very frail
Kyoichi: So that's Nao's room up there.
Yumi: I heard she had to repeat a grade because of poor attendance.
Aki: She doesn't have any friends and Daisuke's worried about her, too.
Yumi: I might be just overreacting, but with her ehalth being what it is…
We find it hard to ask her out, too.
Kyoichi: So she's alone.
Aki and Yumi: Huh!?
Kyoichi: Where's Makoto!?

Scene 13:

Daisuke: What do you want?
You're very bold.
Makoto: I just want to be friends with Nao.
Daisuke: Not you!
Makoto: No?
Daisuke: No!
Makoto: You're overreacting, Boss… Um…
Daisuke: No… Um!
Makoto: But…
Daisuke: No 'buts'!

Nao: Just a little more!

Scene 14:

Kyoichi: Thanks for waiting.
Girl1: Wow. They're huge!
Girl2: These are for us?
Kyoichi: It's on the house.
Girls: Thanks!

Makoto: It's on the house.
Aki: Hmmm, on the house!
Yumi: So it's on the house.
Aki and Yumi: Boss!

Makoto: forgive me!
Daisuke: Darn you, not this time!

Aki: Seeing men in the summer makes you doubt all men.
That is one hunk!
Yumi: What you say and what you do…

Aki: Wow, that's beautiful.
Nao: Aki, Yumi.
Yumi: You collect those?
Nao: Yes, a little.
Aki and Yumi: Nao!

Scene 15:

Aki: Nao! Nao!
Are you all right?
Nao: I'm allright now. I'm sorry if I scared you.
Aki: Don't worry about that but…
Nao: Please don't tell my brother. He'll worry.
Yumi: It's cold!
Nao: The cold feels good.
Aki: Rest a bit longer then we'll walk you back to the inn.
Nao: I'm sorry.
Aki: Come on, we're not strangers here.
Nao: Thank you.
Nao: I know.
I'll show you something good.
Aki and Yumi: Something good?

Scene 16:

Makoto: What are you writing, Makoto?
Kyoichi: A little thing.
Makoto: You're just full of energy.
Yumi: Would you two come with us?
Kyoichi: What?
Makoto: We're tired.
Aki: Never mind, just come with us!
Makoto: I'll pass.

Scene 17:

Kyoichi: Give us a break.
Makoto: We're exhausted!
Aki: Just shut up and come!
Makoto: but why…?
Nao: Kyoichi, Makoto.
Kyoichi and Makoto: Nao.

Scene 18:

Daisuke: Nao, I brought you some watermelon.
Aki: Find any?
Makoto: None here.
Kyoichi: Same here.
Yumi: And here.
Nao: Over here, everyone. They're here… Water Firefly.

*Flashback* (Nao's POV)
Little Nao: They're beautiful, Brother.
Young Daisuke: What did I tell you?
But don't tell Dad we came here!
Little Nao: I swear. I'll keep it a secret.
Young Daisuke: It's a promise then.
*End of flashback*

Makoto: What is it?
Nao: Brother.

Scene 19:

Nao: I'm sorry.
Daisuke: What's the meaning of this?!
Did they trick you into it?
Nao: You're wrong. I asked them to come.
Daisuke: You did?
Nao: I wanted to show them…
Daisuke: What's this?
Water Firefly.
Nao: I wanted to show this to them. To my friends.
Daisuke: But why didn't you tell me aout it?
Aki: Nao made that herself!
Yumi: For you, Daisuke.
Daisuke: Nao. It's beautiful. Thank you.

Kyoichi: *Voice Over: Ending Proverb*
The color blue has a calming effect on people. All the daily stress and troubles are absorbed by the blue… Awakening honest souls… which have no lies.

Makoto: All right, let's end this with a bang!

Kyoichi: *Voice Over: Ending Proverb Continuation*
Summer is the season… That is colored by blue.

*Closing Credits* Cue Minna Ga Iine Song



Note: The scripts were extremely difficult to make. Not only did I burn my fingers from pause-playing the VCR, but I also had to write down the words then type up the scripts afterwards, so I would greatly appreciate it if you would ask my permission if ever you decide to use any of it.