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Episode 7: Detailed Summary

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"Summer days blow through fiercely with the buried feeling that something is going to happen over a summer storm. Soon, the season will change..."

Chiharu Nitta was practicing very hard for the upcoming track meet. One day, while jogging along a path unbeknownst to her, she meets a guy who collects bugs. The guy's name is Yuki Okazaki, and he tries to get under Chiharu's skirt in an instant, but Chiharu initially brushes him off. Unfortunately being lost, Chiharu was obliged to take his offer to escort her to the main road. Chiharu jogged while Okazaki followed alongside her with his car. He tries to make small talk but Chiharu remains cold towards him. This prompts him to tell her to try to loosen up every once in a while. This angers Chiharu and blows him off. Okazaki just laughed and drove off.

Aki Mizutani and Yumi Kazama, visit Chiharu while she was in practice. Chiharu greets them warmly and asked after Kyoichi Kanzaki and Makoto Kurumizawa. Aki and Yumi told them that they were having so much fun and that the beach resort was great. This makes Chiharu feel a little left-out. The coach calls Chiharu to take her place. It turns out that that day's practice was when the coach will announce who will be the participants for the contest.

Chiharu can't stop thinking about what Aki and Yumi told her. She kept thinking about Kyoichi and recalled the fight she had with Kyoichi before they left. Running with all her might, the voice of Okazaki suddenly pops into her head telling her to relax every no and then. Chiharu was surprised and tripped in the process, breaking her ankle.

Chiharu was waiting for Kyoichi's call while remembering the words of her coach, telling her she may not make it to the contest with her leg injured. At the other end, Kyoichi was trying to make a phone call, but their boss, Daisuke catches him. He ends up not being able to make the call and he thinks wistfully of Chiharu. Makoto comforts him with the thought that they will be out of there soon.

Chiharu was sitting outside a restaurant and was wishing she should have just gone to the resort with her friends. Here she sees a bug creep on the table and tries to catch it. It gets away and Okazaki appears telling Chiharu how she should catch bugs. Okazaki asks Chiharu to go with him on a date. Chiharu could only blush.

At a restaurant Okazaki asks Chiharu if she has a boyfriend. Chiharu is surprised by this and says "no". She adds that even if she did have one, her boyfriend wouldn't get mad. Okazaki smiles bemusedly at this.

Okazaki later brings Chiharu to a tourist place, sorta' an overlooking spot. Chiharu starts to cry and thanks him for trying to make her feel better. She leans over his shoulder, and like a premonition, Kyoichi's drawing of Chiharu get blown of by the wind.

The next day, Chiharu goes to the forest where she first met Okazaki apparently trying to look for him. Aki and Yumi find her there, and they notice that Chiharu seems a bit offhanded. they wonder if they should have told her about Kyoichi's plan to go home eraly and visit her at the track and fielders' dorm. They conclude that Chiharu would be happier if she was surprised by the visit.

Chiharu finds Okazaki fishing,a dn once there, they get all chummy, and somewhat romantic again. Okazaki's cell phone rings, and it turns out to be his girlfriend calling. Chiharu overhears the conversation and felt uncomfortable. She thanks Okazaki after the phone call and leaves.

That night, Chiharu phones Kyoichi to try and tell him what's happening. Unfortunately, the fireworks in the background were a bit too loud and Kyoichi couldn't hear Chiharu very well. That coupled with Makoto's noise and hassling Kyoichi to get back to work cuts their conversation short. Chiharu calls Okazaki right after and asks if they could see each other.

Okazaki tells Chiharu that he was thinking of seeing her too. He also told her that it was his last day in that place that night. He's going back to Tokyo the next day and will start working on his thesis, so he intends to party all night long. Chiharu looks weary after hearing this and asks him to take her to the "spot" again.

Once there, Chiharu asks Okazaki if he ever took his girlfriend there, Okazaki responds in the negative. Okzaki places his jacket over Chiharu's shoulders and Chiharu holds his hand. They both lean in for a kiss while Okazaki's phone rings in the background.

On the train, Makoto and Kyoichi were on their way to go to where Chiharu was. Kyoichi was looking fondly at a set of wind chimes he bought for Chiharu.

That same morning, Okazaki and Chiharu were just on their way back. Okazaki tells Chiharu that he will just bring her to her dorm. She declines, saying it may start some rumors. Okazaki tells Chiharu not to tell her boyfriend about what happened. She tells him that all they did was talk 'til morning, but Okazaki reiterates his statement of not to tell Chiharu's boyfriend.

Okazaki drops off Chiharu near the train station. She thanks Okazaki, and couldn't resist giving him a kiss before they parted. They kissed for an awful long time which led Kyoichi to witness parts of their kiss. Kyoichi drops the wind chimes he brought in shock, and can only stare at Chiharu in horror.

"Summer days blow through fiercely with the buried feeling that something is going to happen over a summer storm. Soon, the season will change..."