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Episode 9: Detailed Summary

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"It is said that the reason why leaves fall from the branch is to allow new leaves to take their places. No matter how sad the fallen leaves look, there will always be new sprouts in spring. Perhaps, emptiness in the heart is something similar to that..."

Aki Mizutani, Chiharu Nitta, and Yumi Kazama were discussing Ueno's moving away to Hokkaido. It turns out that Ueno's father was transferred and now, they have to be in a long distance relationship. Chiharu tells Aki that it might be hard to make it work, but Aki thinks of it only as romantic.

Inside the classroom, Makoto Kurumizawa were showing his friends Kyoichi Kanzaki and Yoshihiko Kenjo a computer program which will help him determine who is the most compatible for him. Running the program, he finds out the ideal girl for her is a girl name Eirka Kawai who happens to be a friend and former classmate of Yumi. Yumi tells Makoto that he doesn't stand a chance with Erika since he is not her type. She goes on to ask if her data is stored in Makoto's program as well, and as she does so, she catches a glimpse of a hentai game that Makoto was playing. Yumi tries to confiscate Makoto's laptop, saying that things like that are strictly prohibited. They fight over the laptop, and while doing so, the laptop ends up out of the window leaving it broken. Makoto is infuriated and Yumi can only give a an awkward apology.

Later at a tea shop, Yumi meets up with Erika. Makoto appears all of a sudden, acting as if their meeting there was only a co-incidence. Makoto starts up a wily conversation with Erika, and invites her to a concert along with Yumi. Yumi is annoyed about the fact that she had to go with them, but Makoto tells her that Erika would feel much better going out with Yumi with them.

After Makoto leaves, Yumi apologizes to Erika for what has happened. Erika tells her it's ok and that she doesn't mind. Yumi asks her what she plans to do about the concert. Erika just looks thoughtful.

The next day, Yumi tells Makoto that Erika declined the offer to go to the concert. Makoto asked if Erika really said it, and Yumi said that she read the message through her eyes. Makoto is outraged, but asks Yumi to help him one more time since it's her fault why all his data on other girls he can possibly ask out his lost by breaking his laptop. Yumi gives in and decides to give Makoto a special lesson.

The special lesson Yumi was talking about was a "test-date". Yumi will pretend to be Erika, and Makoto will have to woo her. Yumi will grade Makoto's actions during the date, and if she's satisfied, she is going to set-up a date between him and Erika. Makoto arrives late for their "date", and Yumi scolds him. In apologizing, Makoto didn't notice the dress that Yumi was wearing. He laughs his head off once he catches a glimpse of it though, and almost drove Yumi to go home and leave him. Makoto apologizes and the "test-date" begins.

Makoto uses his love book to try and find ways to make the "date" work. Unfortunately, everything he does is put own by Yumi. Finally he asks Yumi where they should go. She brings them to an aquarium. Makoto is bored and says he prefers to go to more exciting places. Yumi tells her that he should take Erika to places where she wants to go. While in the aquarium, Makoto and Yumi see an otter. They were amazed by it, and Makoto became extremely fond of watching it. Amused, Yumi smiles warmly at Makoto.

While walkin, Yumi and Makoto talk some more about what they saw in the aquarium. Makoto still thinks that it is unexciting. Yumi then, asks him to go grab something to eat. They eat some sushi, and ends up fighting over the food.

Yumi started loosening up, and they ended up going to places she specifically told Makoto he shouldn't go to with Erika in the first place. They went to the arcades, had their picture taken, and went to a karaoke thereafter.

They sit on a bench while sipping soda, and Makoto tells Yumi that it is fun to go to the aquarium once in a while. He tells her that they should go to the museum next time. Makoto confesses to Yumi that he hasn't dated any girl ever before. He asks Yumi if she had fun. Yumi said yes, and Makoto was excited because it meant he will be able to date Erika now.

The next day, Yumi asks Erika about the date, emphasizing that if she doesn't want to go, it's ok. Erika tells Yumi that she will go, saying that if she doesn't say yes, Yumi might get into trouble. She says their friends and she's willing to this for Yumi.

That afternoon, Yumi brings Erika to Makoto, and she leaves them alone to talk. Erika and Makoto seem to get along, and Makoto finds out that yumi has been feeding him all sorts of wrong information. Erika laughs fondly in amusement. Outside, Yumi looks on wistfully towards their direction before she completely leaves.

While shopping with Aki, Yumi receives a call from Makoto asking her what present he should get Erka. Yumi gets irritated and hangs up on him.

Yumi and Erika talk on the phone, and Yumi finds out that Erika is starting to grow fond of Makoto. Erika tells Yumi that she and Makoto decided to go out again. They hang up, and Yumi realizes that she was acting badly.

Next morning, Makoto was getting ready for his date with Erika. He finds a note coming from Yumi telling him what Erika's favorite thing is.

Makoto does everything perfectly for their date. He arrived very early, and took Erika to the aquarium. Erika finds out that he has been there once before with Yumi. Makoto gives his present to Erika which was a cat figurine,  that Erika liked very much. Unfortunately, they were interrupted by a phone call coming from Kenjo and Kyoichi, asking Makoto where he bought the love program he had. While taking off his cell phone from his pocket though, Makoto dropped his organizer. Erika found it and decided to browse through it. There she found the note from Yumi and a nep-print (s mall picture you can stick anywhere) of her and Makoto. Erika realizes what's going on with Yumi and writes a note on Makoto's organizer saying "I hate you", and leaving the cat figurine Makoto gave her on top of it.

Yumi were feeding the birds at the park with some biscuits that she had baked earlier. Makoto comes along looking downcast because of what happened with Erika. They just sit there in the bench, hanging out eating cookies together.

"It is said that the reason why leaves fall from the branch is to allow new leaves to take their places. No matter how sad the fallen leaves look, there will always be new sprouts in spring. Perhaps, emptiness in the heart is something similar to that..."