TV Series:  Scripts

The scripts found herein were transcribed from the subtitled version of Boys Be... anime that was aired  in AXN. I have vids with subtitles of another nature, but I find the AXN's translation to be the most gratifying, so I prefer to have made the scripts after 'em.

Episode No.: 12
Episode Name: End To Beginning
Transcribed from: Subtitled Version of Anime Aired by AXN

Kyoichi = Kyoichi Kanzaki
Makoto = Makoto Kurumizawa
Kenjo = Yoshihiko Kenjo
Chiharu = Chiharu Nitta
Natsue = Natsue Horikawa
Yumi = Yumi Kazama
Aki = Aki Mizutani
Ueno = Ueno
Sis = Kyoichi's sister
W. Host = Woman Host
C. Furuta = Conductor Furuta
Sayama = Sayama Shoko
Morijun = Junna Morio
Nao = Nao Nitta
Erika = Erika
Nurse Mizuki = Mizuki Takano
Lisa-chan = Lisa-chan
Aya = Aya Kurihara
Okazaki = Yuki Okazaki
POV = Point of View 

*Opening Credits* Cue Daijobu Song

Kyoichi: *Voice Over: Opening Proverb* 
An ending will come to everything in this world it may be a fate that one can never avoid.

Scene 1:

Kyoichi: "The Countdown Festival 21"
Makoto: You've never heard of that?
Kyoichi: No.
Makoto: Let me explain! Its sponsored by our local shopping district to welcome the 21st century.
That's "The Countdown Festival 21". The concept of the project is...
Kenjo: Let me make his long story short... By building a special site for the New Year's Eve event...
They're trying to gather a lot of customers for their business...
Kyoichi: The 21st Century's around the corner...
Makoto: Nothing happened last year like Nostradamus predicted.
Kenjo: Nothing could ever happen. I don't believe those things.
Kyoichi: It sound so much like you. Many things have happened this year...
Makoto: Right, soemone seems to be happy with the basbeball girl...
Kenjo: I heard someone's having fun with the girl with glases.
Makoto: Darn you!
Kenjo: What are you doing?
Kyoichi: Its good that both of your relationships are working out.
Kenjo: Whar about you?
Makoto: How's it working out with Nitta?
Kyoichi: Oh, well...
Kenjo: Hey Makoto. We'd better go now. We may be bothering them.
Makoto: Oh, I see.
I didn't know you two were meeting here.
Kyoichi: No...
Makoto: See you, Kyoichi.
Kenjo: Say "Hello" to the Barbarian.
Kyoichi: Hey

Scene 2:

Kyoichi: Long time no see...
Chiharu: Right
Kyoichi: Have you...
Chiharu: What?
Kyoichi: Have you finished your New Year's cards?
Chiharu: Yes. See?
Kyoichi: That's good. I haven't done them yet.
Chiharu: I was going to mail them much earlier though. I still have to clean the house, too.
Kyoichi: I see...
Chiharu: Well, see you. Have a Happy New Year, I guess.
Kyoichi: I should go hmoe, too, and write those New Year's cards.

Scene 3:

Natsue: You know what?
Kenjo: What is it?
Natsue: Actually, I read it in a magazine. Centuries change only once every thousand years, right?
Kenjo: They're supposed to.
Natsue: At that moment once every thousand years... staying with the one you love, will make a couple happy forever.
Aren't you interested in this kind of story?
Kenjo: It's not that I'm not interested. Rather I... believe these things!
Natsue: That's good. Therefore, Yoshihiko... The night of New Year's Eve...
Can you stay with me?
Kenjo: Sure...
Natsue: Great! I love you so much!
Kenjo: Hey, you're too loud. People are looking at us.
Chiharu: Sorry. I didn't mean to eavesdrop on your conversation, but...
Natsue: Is this your friend, Yoshihiko?
Kenjo: Nitta's in my class.
Natsue: Nice to meet you. Its nice to know his classmates. I'm...
Chiharu: Natsue, right? I've heard a lot about you from him.
I just remembered... Is that true? The story about every thousand years...
Natsue: Yes! It must be true.
Chiharu: I see.
Maybe I should believe it, too... I guess...

Scene 4:

Makoto: If such a rumor bothers you so much, I can check it out with this.
Yumi: Can you really do that?
Makoto: There's a homepage on this. It has all kinds of rumors.
Yumi: Oh this is it.
Makoto: Let me see...
The moment the 21st century arrives and lovers are together...
Their destiny will reset and they'll break up for sure...
Makoto: That's the most recent rumor discussed by youths.
Yumi: See? That's what I said. So the rumor was true!
Makoto: I see... Then we should cancel our date on New Year's Eve. It's kind of ridiculous to me, but...
As long as there's such a rumor, there's a chance it may be true.
Yumi: Is it because...
Makoto: What is it?
Yumi: No, it's nothing.
Makoto: Why do you look so happy?
Yumi: Never mind.
Makoto: I want to know. Say it!
Yumi: No. I won't!
Makoto: Say it!
Yumi: Hey, don't touch me!
Makoto: Ouch!
Kyoichi: Hello.
Yumi: How long have you been there?
Kyoichi: I was going to say 'hello', but... It was hard timing it.
Yumi: Oh, no...
Makoto: I've got some useful information. Check this out!
Kyoichi: I heard you already.
Kyoichi: You mustn't be with your lover upon the arrival of the 21st century.
Makoto: Right. I'm sure Yoshihiko would be upset and say 'I don't believe it'.
But since I have a PC and I'm living a high-tech life...
I'd rather believe these unbelievable stories beyond human understanding.
Then, I have a question for you, Mr. Kanzaki. Do you believe this rumor?
Or don't you?
Kyoichi: Let me see... I...

Scene 5:

Aki: Here it is! Its great! Way to go, Ueno! Congratualtions!
It feeels like I'm the only one left behind...
What's this? 'Truth of the Prophecy'. The World's extinction is on Dec. 31st, 2000'.
Decemeber 31st... That's tomorrow... Does that mean there will be no 21st century?

Scene 6:

*Flashback* (Chiharu's POV)
Natsue: At that moment once very thousand Years... staying with the one you love, will make a couple happy forever.

*Flashback* (Kyoichi's POV)
Makoto: Let me see... 
The moment the 21st century arrives and lovers are together... They'll break up for sure...

Scene 7:

Aki: Its a nice day again...
What is it?
It was a dream... It's because I read this before I went to bed. I'm so dumb.

Scene 8:

Sis: Can I come in, Kyoichi? You haven't done much yet. Finish cleaning soon, or it'll be New Year's already.
Kyoichi: I know. What do you want?
Sis: Do you know what time Chiharu's coming? She's actually good help.
She's strong so she can deliver noodles home all at once.
Kyoichi: Chiharu isn't coming.
Sis: What do you mean? She's not coming? She's always come to pur house every New Year.
We cook New Year's dishes and eat noodles together... Then, we visit the shrine at night.
That's what we've been doing.
Kyoichi: Shut up! Can you leave me alone?

Scene 9:

*Phone rings*
Chiharu: Hello? This is Nitta...

Scene 10:

Sis: Kyoichi, can you go the noodle shop to get noodles? Shoot! Kyoichi!

Scene 11:

Makoto: I really don't want anything from you, but...
We decided to to see each other, but I still think about you, so...
Yumi: Me, too...
I phoned Aki to avoid thinking about you but it was an answering machine.

Scene 12:

Aki: Darn...

Sis: I wonder where that idiot's gone to... The noodles are getting cold...

Scene 13:

Natsue: Hurry up! The countdown's starting.
Kenjo: I know!
Kyoichi: Countdown...

Scene 14:

W. Host: Only a few minutes remain in the 20th century. Conductor, Mr. Furuta...
The moment your last performance of the 20th century ends...
We'll be welcoming the 21st centur, right?
C. Furuta: Yes, that's right.
W. Host: Please talk about the piece you'll be performing.
C. Furuta: Yes, what we'll be performing...

Poster: "Hokkaido"

W. Host: Now, conducted by Takuto Furuta... Performed by the West Tokyo Philharmonic...
Please enjoy Tchaikovsky's '1812 Overture'.

Kyoichi: 'The Great Land, Hokkaido...' 
It's kind of cold...

Scene 15:

Gigantic Digital TV Textboard: "The 20th Century is ending..."
"Year 2000, what kind of year was it for you?"

*Flashes of Secondary characters at present* (Kyoichi POV)
::::Sayama performing on stage having a concert::::
::::Morijun in a pool::::
::::Nao looking over the beach::::
::::Erika praying in a temple/shrine::::
::::Nurse Mizuki in a hospital helping out a kid::::
::::Lisa-chan ringing a large bell::::
::::Aya back in France watching some fireworks::::
*end of flashes*

Gigantic Digital TV Timeboard: "Remaining" [1:44]
Gigantic Digital TV TextBoard: "What do you wish for in the 21st Century?"

*Flashback of Chiharu* (Kyoichi POV)
::::Chiharu looking away (Scene in Ep. 8 "Swallow")::::
*End of Flashback*

Gigantic Digital TV TimeBoard: "Remaining until the 21st Century" [1:06]

*Flashbacks of Chiharu* (Kyoichi POV)
::::Chiharu kissing Okazaki::::
*End of flashbacks*

*More Flashbacks of Chiharu* (Kyoichi POV)
::::Kyoichi and Chiharu under the Sakura::::
::::Kyoichi and Chiharu Holding hands::::
::::Kyoichi and Chiharu's fight in "Feeling Blue"::::
*End of flashbacks*

Gigantic Digital TV TimeBoard: "Remaining until the 21st Century" [20 secs.]
Gigantic Digital TV TimeBoard: "Remaining until the 21st Century" [13 secs.]

*Someone bumps into Kyoichi*

Gigantic Digital TV TimeBoard: "The 21st Century"

*Natsue and Kenjo kiss*

Yumi: Hello (to Makoto)

Chiharu: Kyoichi...
What's the matter? My friends asked me to come. I didn't know you were here, too.
Hey, Kyoichi? Do you know about this rumor? Once every thousand years...
Kyoichi: I don't... I don't believe in rumors.
Chiharu: Kyoichi?
Kyoichi: Sorry!
Chiharu: Kyoichi!
..........I'll be waiting..........

*Closing Credits* Cue Minna Ga Iine Song



Note: The scripts were extremely difficult to make. Not only did I burn my fingers from pause-playing the VCR, but I also had to write down the words then type up the scripts afterwards, so I would greatly appreciate it if you would ask my permission if ever you decide to use any of it.