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March 18, 2002:

Well, I'm back with a couple of updates this week. You all better be happy about it coz uploading megs and megs of all sorts of files on a 56k to a server like that of tripod's can get really frustrating. Not to mention all the hard work that went into extracting and encoding the video and sound files, and also making the screen captures can really make a girl crabby..

Ok, so I'll shut up now and tell you all what has been updated. First the episode 1 screen captures are all online. I have originally captured about 781 pics, but I wouldn't be caught dead trying to edit and upload each and every one of those pics, so I ended up just posting 384 pics from ep 1. Hey, I don't want to hear any complaints. That was more than half of the original screen caps. You try capturing pics and uploading them, and we'll see if you'll still be in a mood to nitpick about it.

Before I go on any further, I would just like to remind everyone to ASK PERMISSION FIRST before you take any of the stuff in this site and utilize it for commercial use. It was tremendously difficult to make screen captures, video clips, and music/sound files so it's one way for you to show your gratitude, or at the very least, your appreciation for all the time that we put into making these stuff.

No, the screen captures did not all magically appear after I popped the CD into the player. Nor did the voice files and video clips jump out into my hard drive all by itself. Yes, I had to do a lot of things to get them all working, excluding the effort I had to exert in making the HTML files for it then uploading them to the non-resumable server of Tripod. All this took a lot of time and hauled out a lot of sweat (not to mention online money and payment for the VCDs I bought), so please do ask me first, or the person responsible for the stuff you want to use before you go and place them in your own sites. 

Aaaaannnnyyyyywaaaaayyy, I resized the images to become 400x300 and made the quality of compression to jpeg from good-very good, so you should be able to enjoy the pics. If you're wondering, why the heck there are as many screen captures as they are is because I tried to capture a pic for every screen movement, and since they are all laid out in the order they were shown, if you tried to view all of them sequentially, you can almost follow the story through the pictures alone. View the episode 1 screen captures by clicking here or by checking out the Pictures section where the screen captures are located.

I also uploaded a wallpaper which my friend Anthony made. Please do visit his Dual site at

Hmmm... Let's see, what else? Oh yeah! I've already uploaded the music samples of all 29 tracks from the BB OST. Listen to 'em here!

There have been all sorts of updates in the video section (located in the Multimedia sector) as well. I uploaded trailers, all sorts of video clips and an MTV. Yes, you read that part correctly. It's an official MTV of Boys Be... which is supposedly included in the package of the original DVD Set. If any of you own the DVD and have more official MTVs, please do send me a copy of this, or at least contact me to make arrangements. You can email me at I was told there were MTVs, emphasis on the letter "s", so I'm quite sure what I have right now isn't the only official MTV included in the Box Set. All I have are the VCDs, and they don't have the MTVs, so I'd appreciate any help coming from those who own the original DVDs.

Well, I gotta split, but I'll be back next time to give you more stuff. Don't forget to sign the guestbook y'all!

Later! Much :p