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Passing of the Season's beginnings can be traced back to when Boys Be... first aired on AXN last March of 2001. It was more of an accident really that I stumbled upon Boys Be... At that time, I was trying unsuccessfully to take a sabbatical from the Anime scene. However, as I was channel surfing, out of habit of switching to AXN, I caught a glimpse of this anime which attracted my attention right at the bat.

The mood was somber and mellow, unlike those other animes I have watched before. Somehow, I knew that this show was special, and it was different from all the others. The love story between the two childhood friends hopelessly persuaded me to throw away my remote and keep the TV tuned to the very channel, I promised myself I would stay away from. I watched the whole first episode with anticipation, never wanting to take my eyes of the set. I found myself saying that I will watch the replay again the next day, and if there are ever any succeeding episodes, I will continue to watch it through the end and never miss a peep. True to my word, I did so, and I grew to love this anime more than any other I have ever seen.

After watching the first episode, I ran straight to my PC and logged on to the internet. I tried to find information on Boys Be...; if there are other episodes aside from that I have watched, how many episodes are there, if Kyoichi and Chiharu will end up together... ANY information at all would have sufficed. Unfortunately, there were less than a handful of sites about Boys Be... then. You can count them off your fingers, and still have enough to eat a bag of chips, but I did find a great mailing list dedicated to Boys Be... and this is where I met other Boys Be... lovers apart from myself.

There was a bonus involved in finding the mailing list. It just so happened that the owner of the mailing list is also the webmaster of one of the most complete sites of Boys Be... Although the site hasn't much on Anime, the information about other Boys Be... stuff was invaluable and gave inspiration to me to start up a site of my own.

Hence, before the 2nd episode of Boys Be... aired the following night, "Saihi's Empress Passing of the Seasons Boys Be... Site" was born!

I had a bit of experience in making sites before, and although I considered the sites I have made prior to this as not too good looking, I took pride in having quality in my work and that I provided information and enjoyment.

At the time, some of the sites that I have made were already online. The very first page I have ever made which was for a school organization, was up then, for almost 2 years already. The others being Kc's Web Haven, a linking site to all the other sites (personal interest sites like movie review, tv archive and anime stuff) I have made; KC's Anime World, which was a part of 'Web Haven', and this time serves as the linking site for all the anime sites I have made; a very small Ayashi no Ceres page; my FY site which was dedicated of course, to my other favorite anime, Fushigi Yuugi; and not forgetting my Hotohori Shrine dubbed as 'The Palace'.

Since I was rather slow in making the pages, especially since I also had other sites to update, I decided not to open the site to the public after I uploaded the pages to the server last March of 2001. I decided instead to let just my close friends view it. However, after the series ended in AXN, there was a sudden influx of demands for Boys Be... websites. There was an even bigger upsurge of demands later on, after it was rumored that Boys Be... will be replayed again on AXN sooner than expected, maybe around late April or early May. And so, I decided to open it finally to the public last May 1, 2001, with an all new layout and additional sections than my previous attempt. The fact that my other sites were deleted by Angel Fire after their modifications also helped in giving me more time to concentrate on reconstructing my Boys Be... Site.

So now, here it is, Passing of the Seasons!!! Although the site is still undergoing some construction here and there, I'm quite happy of how it has turned out so far. Hopefully the site will be finished soon, and updates will come regularly.

Thanks for reading 'til the end! Here, here! ^_^