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Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes

Aki Maeda:

Aki Maeda is the singer of the two main songs in the Boys Be... Series. She is responsible for
the vocals of both the 1st Opening and Ending songs, Daijobu and Minna Ga Iine respectively.
She also sang one of the Bonus Tracks in the Official SoundTrack of Boys Be entitled Naisho No
Kimochi. Aside from being a singer, Aki also happens to be a model and an actress.

Celebrity Profile:

Aki Maeda Name : Maeda Aki
Birthday : 1985/7/11
Graduate : Tokyo (Japan)
Height : 156cm
Blood type : A
The main work : Actress, Model, Singer
Hobby : A piano drum, shopping, and music appreciation
Special ability : Swimming
Favorite food : Gratin, cod roe spaghetti (Mother's manual dish)
Disagreeable food : a pickled ume
Favorite language : "You are easy to be you so that the flower it was
decided that a plant would be may be made bloom." (charge of an
elementary school)
Debut : 1992 TAKARA "Mue" TVCM
Family : Father, mother, and elder sister (Maeda Ai) + milk (pet dog)
                    Aki Maeda
                    Miyamoto building 7F, 2-4-10, Kudan-minami,
                    Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0074 JAPAN

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