Well, this is one of the segments of my site which I expect people to purposely look over and check out.
  What with the downloadable songs and BGMs from the Boys Be OST, sound and voice files from the TV Series itself,
  and other cool stuff, who can resist? And that is only the beginning.
  Count in the trailers, numerous video clips, lyrics and ringtones for cellphones,
  this is truly one of the best subdivisions of my site, which I take pride in the most.
  But wait, it doesn't end there. Not only are there Multimedia stuff from the TV series,

but there are cool stuff from the OAVs, Games and Mangas as well. So don't be shy and just dig in!!!
  Oh, by the way, the consistent background color for the Multimedia Section is very light brown
  (kinda orangey, almost beige) which represents the season, Autumn.
  Explanation of this (and lots more...) can be found on My Analogy under the My Stuff
category of my website...

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