Behind The Scenes...

Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes

The Author:

Not much is known about the author/creator of Boys Be..., except that he is the director of one
of the most popular animes of the 20th century, Saber Marionette. Considering how completely
different these two Genres are, it remains to be seen how complex and deep the author is. Both
animes are extremely good and is very well liked and respected by viewers. Unfortunately, I do
not have a profile of the author yet. But I will make more analysis regarding his 2 known works,
Boys Be... and Saber Marionette, so as to provide some insights and so on. Hopefully it will be
available (as well as the personal profile and possibly a pic of the author) sometime soon.

No Profile Available...

I haven't found anything much about the author/creator. If any of you have info about him and/or pictures, please
send to Contributors shall be given full credit for their submissions.

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