Cherry Blossoms, the noble flower, watched many encounters over time. Cherry Blossoms, the vain flower, have watched many farewells. And again, this year, the flower open its buds in order to watch over a lot of faint but painful feelings in the season of beginnings called spring...

Episode No.: 1
Season / Chapter: Spring
Title: Cherry Blossoms

When Kyoichi Kanzaki sees his childhood friend, Chiharu, in a whole new light,
he realizes his feelings for her have grown into something more than just friendship. But just when he
decides to confront her about it, Chiharu's track & field senior, starts to make the moves on her.
Will Kyoichi still go through and profess his love? If so, who will Chiharu choose?

Episode 1: Detailed Summary

The Episode starts out with a guy walking through some Cherry Blossom trees. The guy is Kyoichi Kanzaki, a 16 yr. old highschool student at Otawa-No-Mori Highschool. As Kyoichi gives out a yawn, a girl suddenly bumps into her. The girl is none other than Kyoichi's childhood friend, Chiharu Nitta. Chiharu notices that Kyoichi was carrying a canvas and when she tried to take a look, she was disappointed to find out that the painting was not yet finished. Realizing they were late, the two started running, but Kyoichi not being athletic stops to catch his breath. Chiharu teases him a little about being physically unfit, but invites him to join the track team anyway. Kyoichi dismisses the idea since he was not good at running to begin with. Chiharu then left him in the dust, running off with her body gracefully moving from side to side. Kyoichi could only stare in wonder. Could it be that he was seeing his longtime childhood friend in a whole new light? He didn't have much time to think about it because along comes Yoshihiko Kenjo. A friend of Kyoichi who also happens to be in his class.

At school, Chiharu was talking to two of her good friends, Aki Mizutani and Yumi Kazama. They were talking about boys (naturally!) when along comes Makoto Kurumizawa. Class A Perv and one of Kyoichi's best buds. He approached the girls and tried to make small talk but it turns out he was only trying to get under their skirts. Chiharu, furious, hits him over the head with her schoolbag.

Later on, inside the classroom, Kyoichi, Kenjo and Makoto were talking about girls. Makoto having a collection of information about girls stored on his computer, offered some advice to the 2 other guys. Kyoichi then asks him if he had any information on Chiharu. Makoto was surprised that Kyoichi would even dare ask him about the "barbarian" (as Makoto fondly calls Chiharu). Before Makoto could dig deeper into the subject though, Kenjo spots a real cute girl which made Makoto forget all about the incident.

When Kyoichi got home, he started looking at old photos of him and Chiharu together. Oddly enough, they looked closer when they were younger. They were even holding hands in one photo. But in a recent photo of them, they were barely even touching shoulders. As a matter of fact, they were actually standing a few feet apart from each other. All of a sudden, Chiharu came along to give back some CDs to Kyoichi and borrow some new ones, so as she bent over to look at Kyoichi's CD collection, her behind kinda got pushed on to Kyoichi's face. Poor Kyoichi had to grab his nose to stop it from bleeding, as her sister barged inside his room to call him for dinner.

While they were having dinner, Kyoichi's sister started joking around that Kyoichi should marry Chiharu someday. Kyoichi covered it up by asking for more rice, and as Kyoichi was getting rice from the kitchen, excerpts of the conversation that Chiharu and his sister were having drifted to him. They were talking about how Chiharu's body is growing so nicely and how Chiharu is becoming a woman now. Kyoichi didn't know whether to be embarassed or excited by what he was hearing. As the two girls laughed, some of the soup accidentally fell on Chiharu's clothes, so she changed into some of Kyoichi's sister's clothes and prepared to go on home with Kyoichi walking with her along the way. As they were walking, Chiharyu asked Kyoichi if there was anyone he liked right now. Kyoichi responded hesitantly with a "no" because he wasn't sure what he was feeling just yet and he found it kinda awkward to tell Chiharu how he really feels about her right at that moment. Chiharu gave a nod, and took off her ponytail leaving her hair cascading down her shoulders magestically, and all Kyoichi could do was look at her in awe.

The next day at school, Kyoichi told Makoto and Kenjo how he felt about Chiharu. Makoto was appalled, but nevertheless, he told him that Kyoichi should confess his feelings to the "barbarian" right away. So as Kyoichi and company headed off to the track and field grounds, they spot Chiharu talking to her track and field senior, Sorimachi. They looked to be talking really seriously and it looks as if he was making the moves on her. Makoto shakes his head and tells Kyoichi to give it up. He told Kyoichi that Sorimachi is a senior and very popular with the ladies so he's got a lot of trouble ahead of him.

Later on, inside his room, Kyoichi is looking sad because he knew that he did not stand a chance against someone like Sorimachi. He ran outside and into the streets in his frustration until he starts gasping desperately for air (Ok, a little explanation. Kyoichi's running because he wants to see if he can run better. Since Sorimachi is a track & fielder, he wants to see if he can beat him, and therefore Chiharu might like him better if he was a good runner. But as we all know, Kyoichi really isn't very athletic at all, so there!). He looks even more sad as he stopped running altogether.

The next day, Kyoichi brought along the CD that Chiharu wanted to borrow from him, but as he hands the CD to Chiharu, she avoids him altogether. Kyoichi became even more sad, so when he got home, he worked on his painting to help him drown all his sorrows. As he walks over to the balcony to think over the situation he is in, he is suprised to find Chiharu waiting for him outside. Chiharu invited Kyoichi to go and watch some Cherry Blossoms. Kyoichi accepted.

As they were watching the Cherry Blossoms shed its leaves/petals, Kyoichi started thinking some more about what was happening. He started to talk and he told Chiharu how Sorimachi is a better guy than him and that they would look great together. Chiharu reassures him though that he rejected Sorimachi's affections for her. They both smile and Kyoichi suggested that they go get Chiharu's now clean clothes, and Chiharu agrees saying they would get the CD too. As Kyoichi takes a step forward, Chiharu suprises him by holding his hand. They both smile.

"Cherry Blossoms, the noble flower, watched many encounters over time.
Cherry Blossoms, the vain flower, have watched many farewells.
And again, this year, the flower open its buds in order to watch over
a lot of faint but painful feelings in the season of beginnings called spring..."

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