Nice memories have their own scent. Whenever you're veiled in the scent, your heart can always go back to the unforgettable past together with your own scenery that will never fade...

Episode No.: 2
Season / Chapter: Spring
Title: My Little Burger

A motorcycle accident serves as a blessing for Makoto
when the intern assigned to him happens to be a total babe.
Will Makoto finally be able to land a big one?
Or will Nurse Mizuki be added yet again to his list of failures?

Episode 2: Detailed Summary

Kyoichi Kanzaki and Chiharu Nitta seem to be doing quite well, and it has left Makoto Kurumizawa with a feeling of great envy as he watches the two of them talking sweetly outside as he stares through a window of the school. He still couldn't understand what Kyoichi saw in the "barbarian", but Yoshihiko Kenjo told him to just leave it be. As Chiharu leans over Kyoichi to take off a lint on his shirt, Makoto anticipates it as a kiss, and realizes that perhaps a girl, even if she is a barbarian, is still a girl.

Later on, while working at the fast food restaurant that they owned, Makoto is distracted with watching a kissing scene on tv. Because of this, he burned the food that he was cooking and also managed to destroy the pan he was using in the process.

So while Makoto went off to buy a new pan, he was thinking to himself what a boring life he was leading. He prayed for good fortune and soon enough, as he was riding his motorcycle, he spots a real cute girl. As the wind blows the girl's skirt up, we can only expect for the ever so perverted man to excitedly drool over and try to see as much as he possibly could. Unfortunately, in doing so, he crashed his motorcycle (Well, duh!).

Makoto then finds himself in a hospital bed moments later with his Mom standing right next to him. They talked for a while, and then his Mother left. Makoto looked over the side table and spotted the pan which his mother forgot to bring. He then got up, with all his bandages and wounds, and tried to chase his mom to give her the pan, but because of his current state, he ended up fainting halfway. A sweet scent brought Makoto back into consciousness, and as he looked up to see who was helping him out, was he ever delighted to discover that it was a really gorgeous nurse. The nurse scolded him mildly about leaving the bed, and they became friends instantly. It turns out that she was an intern at that hospital. A girl named Lisa then came out who needed assistance, so the cute intern escorted Makoto to his room and left in a huff to help out the little girl.

The next day, Makoto was determined to find out more about the gorgeous nurse. By some luck, he found the kid, Lisa and befriended her. He discovered that the Nurse's name was Mizuki Takano and that she has been working at the hospital for some time now and that she is very sweet and kind to the patients. This delighted Makoto even more, and he set his goals to win Nurse Mizuki's heart. Later that day, Chiharu and Kyoichi came to visit Makoto, but he felt even worse because he didn't like seeing the two together since it made him feel jealous. Fortunately for him, Nurse Mizuki came along to talk to him and he felt all better and he became even more determined to succeed with his plan.

That night, Makoto called Kenjo up to bring him a Love Book. It is a book often read by Makoto that tells about how to do this and that to get far with the ladies. Kenjo brought him the book the next day, but unfortunately, he heard wrong and brought him a different book. Makoto got frustrated but Nurse Mizuki came and all his frustrations evaporated. Kenjo was awed by Nurse Mizuki's beauty and could see what Makoto saw in her.

Since Makoto did not have the book, he decided to just give Nurse Mizuki a gift, so he went to ask Lisa-chan what the nurse's favorite thing is. Later on, Makoto went over to Nurse Mizuki to give her a surprise. And boy, Nurse Mizuki was surprised alright because what Makoto brought her was a small toad! Nurse Mizuki screamed so loudly because she was scared of frogs and it caused her to get in trouble with the Head Nurse in the hospital. She got quite a bit mad at Makoto and started avoiding and ignoring him. Later that night, Mizuki dropped some hospital tools from the tray she was carrying which resulted in her getting even more scolding from the head nurse. The head nurse even went as far as telling Mizuki she wouldn't be able to make it at the rate that she was going. Makoto witnessed this and saw how sad Nurse Mizuki looked.

The next few days, Nurse mizuki wasn't there in the hospital. Makoto got curious and found out that she was shifted to another schedule. Makoto wanted to cheer Nurse Mizuki up so he waited for her to start her shift then he went to her and offered her tea and company. Nurse Mizuki then went on to tell Makoto why she wanted so much to become a nurse. When Mizuki was younger, she got sick and was confined in the hospital. Her parents were very busy and wasn't with her too much. She found friends in the kind nurse's who helped her out and cheered her up. Ever since then, she decided that she wanted to become a nurse so she can return the favor to other patients. She felt discouraged though, because of everything bad that is happening to her internship. Makoto comforted her, and told her that she should never give up on her dream. Nurse Mizuki was touched, and as Makoto grabbed a hold of her hand, Mizuki blushed and was startled so she stood up all of a sudden and left in a hurry.

Makoto then was about to be discharged the next day. She was trying to look for Nurse Mizuki to say goodbye but it turns out, it was her day off. Makoto was disappointed, but said goodbye to Lisa-chan whom he became good friends with also. As they were about to go home though, Nurse Mizuki came along in her regular clothes with a bouquet of flowers in her hands for Makoto. She told him thankyou for everything that he has done. She also said that Makoto was a very sweet and thoughtful guy but that she cannot fall in love just yet until she has achieved her dream. Makoto just smiles in response. Nurse Mizuki then gives him a peck on the cheek which made Makoto feel like he was in heaven.

As they were going home, Chiharu asked Makoto if he would really wait for Nurse Mizuki. He said "yes", but as he said so, a cute girl bumps into him leaving Makoto drooling and chasing after the girl. Well, it looks like nothing has changed. Makoto was definitely as perverted as ever!

"Nice memories have their own scent.
Whenever you're veiled in the scent, your heart
can always go back to the unforgettable past
together with your own scenery that will never fade..."

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