There are many books in the library. Each book has a wonderful story that will never happen in reality. But as you fall in love, reality becomes a wonderful story better than any novel...

Episode No.: 3
Season / Chapter: Spring
Title: After Kiss

As Kenjo tries to find a ball he lost in the library, a mysterious girl falls from a ladder
leaving Kenjo as the only one who can save her. The girl says her farewell with a sweet kiss
but not with a name. So Kenjo goes back to the libarary day after day to look for her.
Will the girl come back? Is she really the girl of Kenjo's fantasies?

Episode 3: Detailed Summary

Yoshihiko Kenjo is a great baseball player. Unfortunately, he doesn't want to join the school's baseball team because he only likes playing baseball for fun. Both the coach and the assistant have been vying to get Kenjo as player for the playoffs but to no avail. One day, while he was at practice, Kenjo was hitting his usual homeruns, but while doing so, he acccidentally left the ball sailing towards the library. No one wanted to get it, so he was left to get it himself since he was the one who lost the ball in the first place.

Kenjo wasn't a scholar to say the least so he doesn't really know much about library rules, nor does he know how to get around inside the library. He was making so much of a racket that the strict librarian was giving him dirty looks that could melt a block of ice. Kenjo continued looking for the ball though, but as he turned a corner beaneath some shelves, a girl who was climbing a ladder to get some books high up on the shelf fell off all of a sudden. Kenjo caught her right on time and she thanked him, not only with words, but also with a sweet but soft kiss right on the lips. And as fast as she fell, she was also gone. Kenjo was surprised, embarassed and happy about the kiss, but in his shock, he was unable to catch up with her.

Ever since the incident, all Kenjo could think about was the mysterious girl and the short but magnificent kiss they shared. He went back the next day to the library but couldn't find her. He ended up reading some books instead.

Each and every day, Kenjo went back to the library in his hopes to find the mysterious girl. Unfortunately, everyday, he wound up failing. He stopped going to baseball practice altogether because he was spending all his time in the library. And while waiting for the girl to appear, he was left nothing to do but read books.

Makoto Kurumizawa, Kyoichi Kanzaki and Chiharu Nitta were getting curious. They want to know what Kenjo was up to and why he was always in the library and missing baseball practice, so Makoto went to talk to him. Kenjo told Makoto the reason why. He told him he had met a girl, but instead of telling him the real story of their encounter, he told Makoto a fantasy story with him being a hero and the girl being some princess that he had to save. Makoto looked at Kenjo suspiciously but he was too caught up in his daydreams to notice. Makoto talked to Kyoichi and told him about the girl Kenjo met (although he did not tell the story of how they supposedly met according to Kenjo). He told Kyoichi that Kenjo got kissed by a girl and he started teasing Kyoichi because he was the only one left behind. Makoto told Kyoichi that both him and Kenjo got kissed already and that leaves Kyoichi to be the only one left who hasn't had a passionate moment with a girl as of yet.

Later on, Kyoichi decided to talk to Kenjo and ask him about this rumored girl that he supposedly has fallen in love with. This time, Kenjo tells Kyoichi he met the girl in some bizarre circumstance which led to them becoming real "intimate" (if you know what I mean, *wink*wink* Hint: its hentaiish). Kyoichi was shocked, and he realized that maybe Makoto was right. He was the only one left behind.

A few moments later, Chiharu bumped into Kenjo and they started talking about the mysterious girl. Kenjo told Chiharu a romantic novel kinda' story of how they met and the kiss they shared, which left Chiharu with a wistful sigh.

Later that day, Kyoichi was thinking a lot about what Kenjo had said. He decided to wait for Chiharu outside her class. While sitting on a bench, Kyoichi and Chiharu started talking about Kenjo and his close encounter of the mysterious kind. Kyoichi asked Chiharu if she kind of hoped that something like that would happen to her. Chiharu, thinking it was the romantic novel story Kyoichi was talking about, said "yes". Kyoichi was so shocked (because he was thinking of the hentaiish story Kenjo told him) about Chiharu's openness and agressiveness that he fell off the bench.

Kyoichi and Chiharu decided to hang out at Makoto's family's fast food restaurant. While there, they started talking about Kenjo and the mysterious girl. This is when all is revealed that Kenjo told them all different stories. Chiharu was surprised to learn what Kenjo told Kyoichi and she figured out why Kyoichi was acting so strangely. Before Chiharu could beat up Kyoichi for thinking perversely though, in comes Aki Mizutani and Yumi Kazama. They told the three how Kenjo told them a sci-fi kind of story about how he and the mysterious girl met. Everyone was getting worried about Kenjo and so, they decided to find out who this girl exactly is. They asked the strict librarian about it, and it turns out that she was an exchange student from France, whose name was Aya Kurihara. The librarian also told them something which both shicked and saddened them, because if Kenjo were to find out, it would surely break his heart.

Kenjo's friends decided that someone should tell him, and it was voted that Chiharu would be the one to do it. Chiharu talked to Kenjo and told him all about Aya. She said that Aya was from France and that she left just a few days ago to return back home. Chiharu pasued for a while and hesitated to say the next few sentences. The strict librarian nodded in her direction though, encouraging her to do so. Chiharu said that being from France, Aya had a different culture from them. She said that in France, kissing was more like a greeting to them and it was normal for them to express themselves in such a way. Chiharu sadly told Kenjo that the meaning he gave to that kiss might have been completely different from what it really meant to Aya. Kenjo was crushed. He was feeling so sad, but he tried to accept reality. He looked out the window into the baseball field, and smiled as the wind blew the curtains.

In France, Aya was sitting on a bench, and from her bag she took out a baseball which she looked at lovingly, with happiness in her eyes.

"There are many books in the library.
Each book has a wonderful story
that will never happen in reality.
But as you fall in love,
reality becomes a wonderful story
better than any novel..."

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