Nobody can stop the flow of time, but a moment captured in the frame of the heart will never disappear. That will be shown at the bottom of their hearts will always give off a great feeling... sweet... and bitter...

Episode No.: 4
Season / Chapter: Spring
Title: Bitter Sweet Rain

When Aki sees her former boyfriend Ueno, she realizes she still has feelings for him.
Will buried memories resurface? Or will unexplored possibilities sprout anew?

Episode 4: Detailed Summary

Aki Mizutani, Chiharu Nitta and Yumi Kazama are having their usual "powow" session. Aki started teasing Chiharu about her relationship with her "childhood friend who is more than just a friend", Kyoichi Kanzaki. Chiharu denied there was something going on though, but she was blushing from head to toe. The three were at Aki's room and were looking over some photos of Aki in junior highschool. She still had long hair then, and Chiharu commented on Aki always being cute even when she was younger. Yumi spots a bad photo of Aki looking like she was angry. Aki takes the photo and looks at it thoughtfully.

Later on, the three decide they want to go someplace else to hang out, and as they were walking through the park, Aki bumps into a guy with a camera. He was trying to take pictures of pink pansies which were in full bloom. Aki seemed to know him and they started talking and it turns out they went to the same school before. Before they can carry on further with their conversation though, it started drizzling quite a bit of rain and Chiharu and Yumi told Aki to hurry up or they might get caught up in the rain. Aki said goodbye and when Yumi and Chiharu asked her who she was talking to anyway, she said that that was her ex-boyfriend.

Aki started reminiscing the past, when she and Ueno first started going out way back when they were still studying together in junior high. Ueno was a good photographer. He was very serious about his work since he wants to become a professional photographer someday. He was also very popular with women because he was nice and good looking. Unfortunately, he wasn't the type to make the moves with the ladies. Aki and her friends thought he was very cute, but it seems he wouldn't pay attention to any of them. Aki was the one who liked him the most, and so with the encouragement of her friends, she tried to become closer to him. She started going with him whenever he would take pictures and one day, even went with him to the dark room while he was developing the photos that he took. Aki was very impressed with his work. She knew what a great photographer Ueno was and was sure that someday, his dream to become a well-known photographer will come true. Inside the dark room, they became closer than ever, and this is where they also shared their first kiss, therefore sealing the deal of them becoming a couple.

That night, Aki invited Chiharu and Yumi to go clubbing. She was partying like crazy and her two friends sensed that there was something wrong with her. They guessed that it might have something to do with Ueno.

When she got home, Aki couldn't sleep, and she kept on thinking about Ueno. She remembered how much he loved taking pictures, but how he seemed to not want to take pictures of her until the last shot of his film. She felt like he didn't want to take her picture unless he had anything left over. She looked at the picture with her looking angry and remembered what happened. They were at the park then. It was raining and Aki was persuading Ueno to leave because the rain was getting harder and she was having a hard time holding up the umbrella. Ueno wouldn't stop though. He was so passionate about taking pictures and so focused on his subject than Aki started thinking about how Ueno wouldn't take her picture much. Aki was feeling worse and worse by the second and as Ueno called her name, she turned to him hostilely and caught her by surprise by snapping the last shot on his camera.

Meanwhile, Ueno was in his room, looking at the exact same picture. He looked so sad as he asked himself why Aki was angry.

The next day, Aki bumped into Ueno again. They talked a bit about how they were both doing. Aki asked Ueno if her old friends were still studying at their old school and he said yes. They talked a little bit about photography as well. Ueno was a little off in their discussion about it.

Aki decided to visit her friends at her old school. Once there, she finds out that Ueno wasn't doing as good with taking pictures anymore. His pictures were always messy, lacked harmony, and was just plain bad. It turns out he won't be competing in the competition for a scholarship anymore, and it looks like he would be giving up on photography altogether. Aki wondered what Ueno could possibly be taking with his camera then, and it turns out he was just shooting with an empty camera. He couldn't find inspiration anymore, and it looks as if he had lost his touch when it comes to taking pictures, or so his comrades said.

Aki felt sad. She wasn't getting into the conversation that she and her friends were having at Makoto Kurumizawa's family's fast food restaurant. It was raining quite hard outside, and several people were already flocking inside the restaurant for shelter. Aki overheard a man saying he hoped the guy with the camera leaves the park soon or he might catch a cold. Aki left the restaurant in a huff leaving her friends, Chiharu, Yumi, Kyoichi, Makoto and Yoshihiko Kenjo wondering where she might be off to.

Aki broke into a run and tried to find Ueno. Once there, Aki started talking to Ueno and told him that he shouldn't give up on his dream. After their talk, Ueno was able to find his passion and inspiration for taking pictures again. He took great pictures of the pansies and decided that he would still enter the competition.

Aki and Ueno started hanging out a lot again. And as Aki one day went with Ueno to accompany him while he was taking pictures, he snaps a shot of her and she asks him, "Is that the last shot?" Ueno replied, "No. It was the first." They both smile.

"Nobody can stop the flow of time, but a moment
captured in the frame of the heart will never disappear.
That will be shown at the bottom of their hearts
will always give off a great feeling... sweet... and bitter..."

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