The color blue has a calming effect on people. All the daily stress and troubles are absorbed by the blue. Awakening honest souls which have no lies. Summer... Summer... is the season that is colored by blue...

Episode No.: 5
Season / Chapter: Early Summer  [ Summer ]
Title: Feeling Blue

Kyoichi and Makoto spend the summer in Chiharu's cousins' beach resort.
Will Kyoichi's fidelity be threatened by all the girls surrounding his sight? And will
Makoto score with Chiharu's gorgeous cousin, Nao? Or will Nao's brother,
Daisuke, beat them both up to death first?

Episode 5: Detailed Summary

Note to everyone:
This is only a temporary summary...
I will be making a more detailed and accurate
summary as soon as I watch the episodes again...

Kyoichi Kanzaki and Makoto Kurumizawa are riding a train to a beach resort where they will be working at for the summer. Kyoichi is feeling glum because he remembers the misunderstanding that he and Chiharu had before he left. Kyoichi then has a flashback of what happened: Chiharu said she couldn't come with them to the beach resort because she had to practice for the track and field. Kyoichi tells her that she has practiced enough and that it'll be all right if she just relaxed for a little while. Chiharu spites Kyoichi for what he said, and in anger, runs away from him. Confused about what just happened, Kyoichi tries to stop her, but ends up not being able to.

Kyoichi was still pondering on this, when Makoto then tries to cheer him up and tells him that he should forget about Chiharu for a while and just enjoy himself while he's on vacation because there are going be a lot of things to look forward too, specifically girls...

Kyoichi and Makoto arrive at the beach resort, but they couldn't seem to find the person they were looking for. All of a sudden a beautiful girl arrives and says hello to them. Makoto ofcourse falls head over heels for her, with matching bulging eyes and wide-open mouth with drool dripping from it like a leaky faucet. The girl introduces herself then as Nao, and Kyoichi realized that she must be the cousin of Chiharu. Makoto is shocked to learn this, and wonders how the "barbarian" ever got to have a cousin as gorgeous as Nao.

Not wasting time, Makoto tries to hit on Nao, but brother Daisuke, alters this attempt by beating him up. It turns out that Daisuke will be their boss in the resort and referring to him as a "hard task master" would be a HUGE understatement.

Kyoichi and Makoto then start working on the beach doing all sorts of stuff. Selling food, cleaning, renting out boats---everything that needed to be done in the resort is a part of their jobs which leaves them exhausted all the time, not to mention pressured because of the strictness of Daisuke.

Throughout all this, Kyoichi has still not forgotten about Chiharu. Makoto notices this, and cheers him up by saying that he can still make up with her. This lightens Kyoichi's mood and he loosens up a little bit.

Later on, while trying to sell drinks on the beach, Makoto and Kyoichi meet up with two of their classmates, Aki Mizutani and Yumi Kazama. As payment for keeping quiet about Makoto's perversion in the beach, the two take free drinks of the boys' hands and by doing this, they of course can in trouble with Daisuke. They end up being chased across the beach by Daisuke, holding a broom over his head.

That night, Makoto twice failed in his attempt at/of perversion. First, at the hot springs, spying on a person whom he thought was Nao, but turns out to be Daisuke. And later on with 2 girls whom he thought were "hot" women waiting to be picked up, but turns out to be Aki and Yumi. Aki and Yumi then tell the boys that they stay there every summer at a half price, thanks to Chiharu buttering up her cousins. The conversation was then diverted to Nao, whom the boys find out is constantly ill, and due to this, Daisuke feels over protective of her. When Makoto learns of this (and finds out where the room of Nao is), he feels concerned over Nao, and plucks up the courage to be bold and confront her. Daisuke however, stops him again before he can even knock on Nao's bedroom door. Nao hears them outside her bedroom though, and couldn't help but smile at Makoto's persistence.

The next day, Nao is at the beach gathering some sea shells in the sand. Aki and Yumi see her and goes to greet her, but as now looks over to wave back at them, she all of a sudden faints and falls to the ground. Good thing Aki and Yumi are there, and they helped and stayed with her until she regained consciousness. Nao thanks them and asks them not to tell Daisuke about her fainting or he'll get worried. Aki and Yumi promise not to, and offers her their friendship. Nao is overjoyed at this and tells them she will show them something nice to show her gratitude.

On the other hand, the boys are quite starting to enjoy themselves, although there are still a few intervensions from the two girls, and ofcourse Daisuke, but things are certainly looking up and their vacation is starting to become more and more enjoyable.

That night, after an exhausting day's work, Makoto finds Kyoichi still having the energy to write a letter. Makoto taunts him about this and asks him whether it was for Chiharu. Aki and Yumi burst into their rooms all of a sudden though, and tells them to get up and come with them. Makoto is feeling very tired and tries to pass them up, but the two drag him and Kyoichi outside where they are surprised to meet Nao.

Nao brings them to a small island where she shows them "water fireflies". Nao then remembers the first time she saw water fireflies. Daisuke showed it to her when she was still a kid. They sneaked out back then to the island and Daisuke made her promise not to tell their parents that he brought her out there. Nao smiles at the memory, which shows their fondness for each other even since then.

While they were at the island though, Daisuke discovers that Nao was not in her room. He rides his big boat to the island to look for Nao. Daisuke is enraged and asks Nao if her friends put her up to doing this. Nao replies that she was the one who invited them there. She then gives him a bottle she decorated with the seashells she was picking up earlier on the beach, and filled with water fireflies. Daisuke sees this, and is touched by the gesture especially when Aki told him that Nao made it especially for him.

A while later, all 4 classmates, along with Daisuke and Nao, where hanging out in the backyard of the resort. The boys lit up the fireworks, while they all watched and smiled as the heavens became littered with the bright shimmering lights.

"The color blue has a calming effect on people.
All the daily stress and troubles are absorbed by the blue.
Awakening honest souls which have no lies. Summer...
Summer... is the season that is colored by blue... "

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