Not many people know when love starts. More than a friend, but not quite lovers. A delicate relationship like this changes gradually as time passes... Just like a changing seasons...

Episode No.: 6
Season / Chapter: Summer
Title: Baseball Lovers

While practicing for a baseball game, Kenjo faces off a pitcher
who's determined to run him to the ground. But as the baseball cap falls away
from his face, Kenjo is suprised to find out the pitcher is---a girl!!!

Episode 6: Detailed Summary

Note to everyone:
This is only a temporary summary...
I will be making a more detailed and accurate
summary as soon as I watch the episodes again...

Yoshihiko Kenjo stayed behind at the Otowa-No-Mori high school for the summer. He finally decides to play for the team, and he was doing very well in carrying them to victory. However, Kenjo wasn't very happy, because he still isn't sure about his decision to become a regular member of the baseball team.

One day at practice, Yoshihiko notices a new pitcher. He looks at him and sees a different aura about him. The pitcher's determination and composure raises the competetive spirit in Kenjo because he feels as if he is being challenged to a fight. Kenjo then straightens up, smiles, and get into a hitting position. The pitcher seems to like this and winds up to throw the ball. The impact and strength of throwing the ball causes the pitcher's cap to fall, and Kenjo is shocked to find that the pitcher was none other than Natsue Horikawa---a lowerclassman of Kenjo's and a girl at that...

Kenjo tries to find out what Horikawa was doing at baseball practice. It turns out that she wanted to train to become a baseball player but no one had the courage to tell her that girls were not allowed to play baseball in the pennant because she looked so determined and so happy with her dream. It was then decided by the club members that it will be Kenjo who will tell her of the dillema she is in.

Later, Horikawa and Kenjo talk. Horikawa was apparently overjoyed about the fact that Kenjo took her challenge seriously earlier. Kenjo waves it off, saying that it was ok, then bluntly tells her about the "problem". Horikawa is hearbroken and she cries, because she had no idea about the rule that girls were not allowed to play. Kenjo then ends up going out with her to try to comfort her.

Kenjo tells Horikawa that he admires her dedication to baseball. Kenjo then tells Horikawa of his problem. He says that he wasn't so sure about him joining the baseball team because he feels that he could not devote himself to just one thing. Horikawa then tells him that he should concentrate more and feel honored that he can play baseball because at least he has the chance to play, unlike her. Kenjo thinks about this and decide that Horikawa was right.

Horikawa wanted to encourage Kenjo to play even better, so she helps him out and gives him tips and instruments to help improve his aim and physical fitness. In the process of doing so, Kenjo and Horikawa end up seeing each other a lot, and once were even spotted by Kenjo's classmates, Aki Mizutani and Yumi Kazama, at a restaurant together. However, even if this is so, the two are still oblivious to the fact that people are getting curious as to what exactly is going on between them, because in their minds, they are still just friends.

Kenjo poured his heart and soul into baseball, and in doing so, learned to love and enjoy the sport as he never had before. But just when things are starting to go great for him, he injures his arm and even pondered on giving up. Yet again, Horikawa is there to encourage him to nog give up. She told him, he can do other things for the team, not just as a batter. Kenjo considers this and becomes a trainer for the other batters. However, their team was still not given good fortune, and they did not win.

Horikawa decides to help Kenjo take his mind off his dejection and decides to cheer him up by always going out with him, and inviting him to go swimming, or shopping, or eating outside. Kenjo realizes what Horikawa was up to and is very appreciative of this. When he tells her so, she almost confesses her feelings to him but ends up backing out of it and stuttering a goodbye. Kenjo doesn't hear from her in a while and decides to call her up. He tells her that he is grateful for everything she has done for him and that he wanted to show his appreciation by giving her baseball lessons (his arm was already healed by then). Horikawa is excited about this idea and agrees.

The day of their first lesson, Horikawa was pitching and Kenjo was at bat. Kenjo is confused as to why he can't hit any of Horikawa's pitches even though he knows there is nothing extraordinary about it. He notices that his concentration is off and wonders why this is so. As he shakes off the dirt from his shows and gets back into batting position, a smile creeps up his face as he realizes what was happening... And as Horikawa winds up for another pitch, and as Kenjo whacks his bat to meet the ball, he says to himself as his swing missed it's aim, "I get it... I like her..."

"Not many people know when love starts.
More than a friend, but not quite lovers.
A delicate relationship like this
changes gradually as time passes...
Just like a changing seasons..."

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