With summer's raucous noises, a simple dream seen in spring has turned into a small heartbreak. The melancholy autumn wind speaks quietly of its meaning... Your hearts true self...

Episode No.: 8
Season / Chapter: Autumn
Title: Swallow

Still upset about the occurences that happened with Chiharu over the summer,
Kyoichi finds refuge in Sayama. An aspiring singer who's very energetic and lively.
But it seems Kyoichi is still quite hung up on Chiharu . What will Kyoichi do?

Episode 8: Detailed Summary

Note to everyone:
This is only a temporary summary...
I will be making a more detailed and accurate
summary as soon as I watch the episodes again...

Kyoichi Kanzaki still can't forget about the kiss that he witnessed between his childhood friend and new love interest, Chiharu Nitta and another guy the day he came back from his summer job. Up until then, he and Chiharu still haven't been talking, and all he can do is look at Chiharu from afar.

Kyoichi is in this bad state when a classmate of his caught his attention... Her name was Sayama Shoko. She made quite a commotion the day Kyoichi noticed her. She was listening to a CD in class which ofcoruse, when she got caught, the teacher quickly confiscated. Sayama was enraged and did a rather unusual thing---she started up an argument with the professor and she ended up being sent out of the class.

Kyoichi was feeling amused and pitiful towards Sayama, and so he followed her outside to try to comfort her. They end up talking for a while about a lot of things. (Note: The two of them already knew each other before hand because they were in the same class but they weren't close or anything) Kyoichi questions her about her earlier outburst, and she replies by saying she doesn't give a heck about school because she's not planning to stay in school for long. Kyoichi asks her why and she says she wants to become a singer and is planning to drop out. Kyoichi is surprised to learn this, so Sayama invites him to go with him that night to hear her sing.

Sayama performed beautifully at a club that night, and Kyoichi can only stare at her in awe. They ate at a restaurant and talked some more, and they started becoming more and more comfortable with each other's company. Sayama then asked Kyoichi an unexpected question. She asked if he and Chiharu have broken up. Kyoichi was taken aback by this and a flashback of the "kiss" popped into his head. He sadly answered, "yes". Sayama smiles and murmers, "Good".

Noises of Sayama and Kyoichi.... I expect the producers want us to think that something is going on between the two... It turns out that they are only trying to break into school in the middle of the night to try and get back Sayama's CD. Sayama tells Kyoichi, the reason why she asked him if Chiharu and he are still together is because she did not want to drag him to break school rules and worrying about what to say to his girlfriend. Poor Kyoichi can only stare, both in amazement and shock. They get the CD, but almost get caught because they came across an accident and broke some things which made to much noise that attracted a guard to take look. Luckily, they got off without a scratch.

Later, Sayama and Kyoichi are hanging out and sitting on a grassy field listening to a CD. Sayama then tells Kyoichi of her dream. She says, she is going to audition to be the lead singer of this band called "Sail" and that she is fully determined to achieve this goal. Kyoichi can't help but admire the will and boldness Sayama has because he thinks not a lot of girls think the way she does. Sayama tells him that she just decided to change because she used to be shy and timid, and by doing so, once lost a guy he liked to her best friend because of her indecisiveness. From then on, Sayama told herself that she would change, and that she will never hesitate to try to achieve her dreams. Kyoichi was so moved by both the music and Sayama's attitude that he leans in to try and kiss Sayama. However, Sayama suddenly turns off the CD suddenly which distracts Kyoichi, and Sayama stands up, apparently upset about the attempted kiss.

The next day, Kyoichi was with his friends Makoto Kurumizawa and Yoshihiko Kenjo while he was ponering what the happened the other night. However, he gets his answer when Sayama approaches him to invite him again to go with her that night to the club. Makoto is surprised that Kyoichi has befriended the "mountain witch", and taunts him for his taste in women.

That night, Kyoichi and Sayama go to back to the club, only to find another singer giving a stunning performance. Sayama is visibly upset about this and Kyoichi gets concerned. Sayama then tells Kyoichi that she is also auditioning for "Sail" and that she hasn't even been singing for that long and yet, she's gotten that good. Kyoichi tries to comfort Sayama and tells her it's all going to be ok. Sayama pounces on this statement by Kyoichi and tells him that it is not that easy to change. If he thinks that you can forgot about being shy and timid just that easily, he was sorely mistaken. Sayama then runs off in anger. Kyoichi is startled, and remembered the time when Chiharu got upset with him, the same way that Sayama is upset with him now.

The next day, Sayama told Kyoichi that he wanted to talk, and so that night, they met again at their "usual rendezvous location". Sayama told him that she's going to give up on her dreams. That she can never be the lead singer of sail and that she is not good enough. She says she wants to concentrate on other things, and that she even quit her band and is planning to totally cast aside her music altogether. Kyoichi is suprised to hear this, but he couldn't say anything. Sayama feels vulnerable and asks Kyoichi if he can kiss her. The moon hovers above them and Kyoichi leans in slowly... They kiss.....

At school, Sayama gives Kyoichi a bracelet. She says she also has a matching bracelet and that she bought the other one for Kyoichi to wear. Kyoichi is surprised, but takes the bracelt anyway. Later on, in the hall, Kyoichi and Sayama are happily talking. Kenjo, Makoto are spying on them and Kenjo notes a "new love" blossoming for Kyoichi. Aki Mizutani and Yumi Kazama, close friends of Chiharu suddenly appear at their backs and witness the scene. They say theyhave no problem with Kyoichi hooking up with another girl but they are just worried about Chiharu. As if she knew they were talking about her, Chiharu suddenly appears and ask what is going on and why they are crowding in the hall. Chiharu cathces a glimpse of Sayama and Kyoichi together. Kyoichi sees Chiharu looking on and is obviously affected.

Sayama is upset over what jsut happened and she pulls Kyoichi to an empty classroom to discuss things. Sayama told Kyoichi that she doesn't want to be "Chiharu's Replacement". Upon hearing this, Kyoichi pulls Sayama, hugging her from the back before she can walk away and tells her that taht is not the case. Sayama smiles a faint smile and tells Kyoichi to meet her that night.

Kyoichi's feelings was a jumble. He was feeling a great deal of confusion, and looks over the fence at Chiharu while she was practicing for the track and field. That night, so many flashbacks came over Kyoichi, and he kept thinking about what happened between him and Chiharu that summer.

Kyoichi was so upset he forgot the time. As lifts up his hand to brush his hair, he notices the bracelet and remembers that he had to meet Sayama. Meanwhile, Sayama have been waiting so long for Kyoichi, but he has not arrived. Sayama then turns on her CD, to listen to the music while she wandered off in the streets as it started to rain.

Kyoichi runs to their meeting place in the pouring rain. He finds Sayama was no longer there and runs off to try and find her. On the other hand Sayama was stopped by these two queer looking guys. As Kyoichi runs all over town to try to find Sayama, we are shown graphic stuff about Sayama that was a bit "suggestive" in the aspect of, eherm, being done "bodily harm". We find out later though, that she only went in with the two men to a Karaoke bar to sing, and it just so happens that the song in the karaoke was "Sail". Sayama looks up to see this, and is quite surprised. Kyoichi was still running all over the place and was panting like crazy. He even dropped the bracelet Sayama gave to him because of bumping into everyone. As Kyoichi, paused to catch his breath, he suddenly realizes that he is in front of the club where Sayama invited him to go to. Exhausted, Kyoichi looks at the club with sad eyes.

Later, Kyoichi and Sayama meet up at their "usual spot". Kyoichi is about to apologize when Sayama stops him, and tells him it's ok. She told him that she realized something taht night. She lvoed to sing and that it made her feel good. She said she lied to herself by denying herself of her dream and ignoring the fact that she loved singing. She told Kyoichi that one shouldn't be afraid to acknowledge his/her feelings and that one should be truthful to oneself. Kyoichi is suprised, and Sayama smiles. She was finally happy and back on track to achieving her dream.

The next day, Kyoichi was standing beside Sayama's desk. Sayama dropped out of school after their talk. He narrates that she was finally out there to reach her goal. He was thinking a lot of things over again, and also probably thinking of Sayama.

At some kind of auditorium, there is a panel of people lined up. Someone yells, "next!". A pair of legs walk across the floor, then closes up on her faces. It's none other than Sayama Shoko, auditioning for "Sail"!

"With summer's raucous noises,
a simple dream seen in spring
has turned into a tiny cut.
The melancholy autumn wind
speaks quietly of its meaning...
Your hearts true self..."

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