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There are currently two Boys Be... Games out, patterned after the 1st season and 2nd season Manga. Dokyusei also has its own games, except that the Dokyusei games are "hentaish" in nature. Both the Boys Be... Games and the Dokyusei games are of a "dating simulation" genre, wherein you decide through your actions which of the girls you end up with. In other words, you do the choosing just like in real life! Of course, the Boys Be... games are very realistic, leaning towards realistic situations and occurrences, as can be expected of anything that is Boys Be...


Boys Be... Games :

The Boys Be... Games originated from the Renai Shonen Comic published by Kodansha. This popular Boys Be... Manga gave birth to "dating simulation" games whose style is entirely similar to the manga in terms of realism and approach. The light humor and romantic situations as well as the hardships of the main character in getting a girlfriend is based entirely on real life leaning more towards the Japanese way/culture in doing it, since the origin of both the manga and the game is Japan ofcourse. There are two versions of the game out so far, accompanying the final installment releases of the 2 editions of the mangas it was patterned after. The first releases of the games are in the PS console, although I'm quite sure there are releases for other consoles as well, such as for the PC and the Sega Saturn.


1.    Boys Be... (Game)
            - Released in 03 - 28 - 1997

Boys Be Game Front CD Cover

Boys Be Game Back CD Cover



2.    Boys Be... 2nd Season (Game)
                - Released in 09 - 22 - 1999



Dokyusei Games:

Also a "dating simulation" game, although it is more "hentaish" in nature. It was first released in PS but was also released in PC and I'm pretty sure in other consoles as well.


1.    Dokyusei 1

2.    Dokyusei 2




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