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3rd Edition:   Boys Be... L Co-op


The 3rd and latest Edition of the Manga thus far, is called Boys Be... L Co-op. This edition differs from its two predecessors in such that the storyline of each and every volume is interconnected through a club established by the three main characters to help themselves and others in their quest for love. They named the club "Love Affair Cooperative", hence the title L Co-op. Apart from the structure, the narrative is very different from the first two mangas as well. It is in a way unique because the L Co-ops, act like some sort of cupid for other people and themselves. The story, thus revolves on this concept but at the same time, the manga also contains some "extra" stories or a kind of  miniseries. Like the 2nd Season, the Boys Be... L Co-op is intended for a more mature audience, since there are some sexually explicit content. The 3rd edition is by far the best, both in story and artwork. You can tell a big difference from looking at the covers alone. The covers for the L Co-op is the flashiest out of the three. This latest edition is also relatively, the shortest of the bunch, containing only 6 volumes in all.

Release Date and Thumbnail Covers:


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Boys Be...
L Co-op 01
04 - 17 - 2000

Boys Be...
L Co-op 02
10 - 17 - 2000

Boys Be...
L Co-op 03
12 - 15 - 2000

Boys Be...
L Co-op 04
02 - 16 - 2001

Boys Be...
L Co-op 05
04 - 17 - 2001

Boys Be...
L Co-op 06
06 - 15 - 2001

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