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December 3, 2001:


Sorry about the delay in uploading the updates. I shoulda' uploaded it last December 1, but I was working on the episode summaries and did not finish until recently.

Anyway, there's a generous amount of updates again... I changed the look of the index page a bit, fixed and added links to the story, fan fiction and links pages, and I also tinkered a bit with some of the details in the site history and also in the scripts. Btw, I'll have the episode 13 script up soon. Probably by next week, time permit.

The contest mechanics are now up. Please make sure to check it out and join the contest.

Lets see.... What else? Oh yeah! There are also 3 new episode summaries up, additional info plus thumbnail pics for the manga section, and I finally uploaded some of the ring tones!!! Sorry, I was only able to upload the Minna Ga Iine and Winter II ringing tones coz I can't seem to find the notepad that I wrote the Daijobu and Hatsukoi ring tones on. Don't worry, I'm sure it's around here somewhere, it may just take a while for me to find it because of all the junk scattered around in here... Anyway, I'm currently working on making a ring tone for Winter IV, then afterwards, I'll start work on making one for the songs Memoria and Truth. If you want me to work on another ring tone first, then just email me.

The message board is now up! Sorry if it wasn't working before, but I forgot to put in the link. Anyway, it's working now so make sure to write in it, and if you want to download mp3s or episodes of Boys Be..., you can make your requests in there (Btw, thanks to Jason from the BBML for the goods!).

I put up links to the message board in the downloadable mp3s section and also the video section, coz that's where you have to write in your requests if you wanna download mp3s or eps.

As for the newsletter, it got booted. Sorry, but it takes way too much time and effort to be making the updates for this site, let alone having to manage other things like that.

Oh, and this is to let everyone know, the scrolling marquees on each and every page? They will NEVER again be updated. I'm so sorry, but if I update that, I have to change the entries on each and every page and that'll take too much time, not to mention I will have to re-upload those pages all over again, so I think it's not worth it. It's better if I use the time I have updating and uploading new stuff rather than working on changing the marquees. Hope you all understand...

Well, hopefully I'll have more updates for you by next week. 'Til then! ^_^


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