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Cellphones... Aren't we all fond of those? Aren't we the kind of people who just
can't live without it? Don't we just get overly excited once we hear the teeniest
beep that is uttered through its microscopic reciever? Isn't checking our phones
for new messages the first thing we do in the morning? And ofcourse, don't we show off to our friends whenever we get a fab new ringtone? Well now, get ringtones for your fave Boys Be songs! Brought to you by none other than
the imperial majesty herself, Saihi's Empress.
Ringing Tones

Ring Tones Ring Tones : TV Series

  Minna Ga Iine (TV Ending Song):

    Tempo: 180
     Tested on: Nokia 3210, 3310

  4d2 4d2 8d2
4.d2 4d2 4e2
8#f2 2.g2 4- 4g2
4#f2 4e2 4d2
2.e2 4- 4e2 4d2
4c2 4b1 4g1 2.b1
4a1 1a1 4- 4d2
4d2 8d2 4.d2
4d2 4a2 4#f2
2.#f2 8g2 2.g2
4- 8e2 8#f2 2g2
2e2 2g2 4a2 1g2

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