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Boys Be... Manga began in 1991, and up to now, is still ongoing. It is featured weekly in the popular Kodansha Magazine, Weekly Shonen Jump, the same magazine that Rurouni Kenshin appeared in. At present, there have been 3 editions (dubbed as 'seasons' by the distributors) of the manga thus far, all drawn by Tamakoshi Hiroyuki and the storyboard by Itabashi Masahiro. Unlike with other mangas, whose anime versions are entirely based from the original written content, neither of the three
editions of the manga are similar in any way to the story line of the TV Series, meaning the TV Series follows a completely independent story line that went on a completely separate trail than the print...

1st Edition:    Boys Be...

2nd Edition:   Boys Be... 2nd Season

3rd Edition:    Boys Be...  L Co-op




It is safe to note that there are also other Boys Be reading materials aside from mangas
that have been released and distributed. They are:

  1. Novels
  2. Official Guide Book
  3. Boys Be... CD Book
  4. Boys Be... Last Season




*Note: It has recently come to my attention that the last installment of L Co-op has been released last June of 2001.
Not to worry though, because all the issues and editions of Boys Be... Mangas are still available through Kodansha's
Shounen Magazine Comics Collection.

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