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May 30, 2001


Sorry it's been a while! Busy with some org work and all! ^_^ Anyway, I'm glad that AXN showed the final scene of Boys Be... in its 2nd run, and I'm hoping it will be replayed again real soon!

School's gonna be back on in a few days, and I'm not happy at all... I'm feeling waaaayy too lazy to go back to class...

Btw, I went to the Anime whatever in PowerBooks a couple of days ago... It was nice, met some people. Afterwards, me and my friend went to eat at this real cool Japanese Fast Food Restaurant, Shokuji!!!! It was delicious.... Yum.... My mouth is watering just thinking about the food again...



May 5, 2001


Good news everyone!!! Boys Be... is back on AXN!!! It is still airing from Mondays-Fridays, so make sure to watch it everyday! Anyway, its still summer vacation, so we all have some time to chill out in front of the TV.



May 1, 2001:


Welcome to the Official Opening of Passing of the Seasons!

As you might have guessed, this site is dedicated to the incredible anime TV series, Boys Be...!

Apart from the anime, I have also included some other information of other Boys Be... products. Not only that, all sorts of goodies and information is also available. My aim is not only to provide a site which has complete and very extensive information on the TV Anime series, but at the same time have ample data on anything that is Boys Be... plus have some other extra stuff and goodies which will leave my visitors with a feeling of immense content.

If you have read the Site History, you would know that this site has been up since the last week of March. It was around the 1st week when Boys Be... was first airing on AXN, but was not opened to the public until today (for obvious reasons! I still haven't completed the site!) Well... I'm hoping updates will come often, so check back constantly to find out what's new. Or just subscribe to the newsletter to automatically receive info and news whenever this site is updated!

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