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November 25, 2001:


Ok, I'm almost done with most parts of the site. I just uploaded the updates, and hopefully, I'll finish the whole site before the end of this year. I'm not gonna make anymore promises though, coz I just noticed I'm not very good at keeping them. As soon as I'm done with this site, I'll start working on version 2.0. Hopefully, that one will be much much better than this one. 

Btw, still no word about the Boys Be... soap. If any of you would like to provide info about this, then please email me.

The Contest hopefully will start by December 1st. Stay tuned for that more information on that one!

Oh, and don't forgot to sign the guest book!!! I just loaded it up today along with the message board, so make sure to write in it. And vote in the polls as well to choose which prize you would like to be given away in the contest!




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